Split Precision: Paul Ritch's new EP on Quartz

Words by: Jenny Lee
Posted: 9/12/08 10:37

It is a little over 2 years since Paul Ritch's first release - Samba on Resposal Schallware - during which time he has had almost textbook success. In 2007 the Parisian added the fun back into a very serious minimal techno scene with several peak time jackhammer tracks on Resposal, attracting the attention of M.A.N.D.Y. and leading to a pair of Get Physical releases. Further compilation support from as far and wide as John Digweed and Chris Liebing has also made for a very busy 2008 tour schedule for Paul Ritch the DJ. In fact, 'Split EP Part 1' comes after a sum total of only 3 tracks this year and more notably, also marks the inaugural issue for his own imprint Quartz Music.

The title track 'Split' wastes no time in setting the tone; skipping along at well over 120bpm and trisected by a monstrous raging inferno of techno terror and echoes. It is the type of record made for big rooms, big sound systems and big reactions. 'Walk the line' is a pulsating deep techno track, it's cyclical monotone groove and lack of distinguishable features means it falls into the clichéd category of DJ tool. This is further compounded by the use of a winding and grinding Dubfire-esque tease throughout, without the killer blow ever being delivered.

The B side brings for a darker and somewhat more sophisticated underground minimal techno sound. 'Control' rides along like a tech train on the loop, seemingly destined for a rapidly approaching electronic wall of noise, which is narrowly escaped. Finally, 'Jungle Juice' is the most understated piece on the record, its atmospheric reverberations and industrial expulsions of steam has afterhours squalor written all over it.

Already a fixture in the boxes of Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Monika Kruse, 'Split EP (Part 1)' is exactly the type of record we've missed this year due to Ritch's DJing commitments. However, it is these experiences that he uses to great effect here in truly capturing the sound of now and leaving you gagging to know what is up his sleeve for 'Split EP Part 2'.

Artist: Paul Ritch
Title: Split EP Part 1
Label: Quartz Music

Track List:
A1 Split 
A2 Walk The Line 
B1 Control 
B2 Jungle Juice



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