Moon Harbour... in the groove.

Words by: Marx
Posted: 11/12/08 14:23

Go back to the year 2000 and it is the classic story of some friends having a lightbulb moment to set up a record label for releasing their own records.

Over 8 years and 2 off shoots later, Matthias Tanzmann and Andrè Quaas' idea, Moon Harbour Recordings, is still going strong on the premise of quality over quantity, evidenced by just 40 main label releases over that time.  

Despite the Leipzig imprint's initial dedication to deep house, the omnipresent groove and dancefloor ready elements of their sound developed into some of the less mainstream minimal tracks over the last few years. Label co-owner Andrè Quaas describes Moon Harbour as representing "the status quo of club music - especially house music between deep and minimal". Label regulars like Marlow, Luna City Express and of course Tanzmann himself have been supported by Audio Werner, Martin Landsky and Seuil amongst others. A solid repute for underground cool based on the aforementioned quality over quantity approach, is perhaps most recently illustrated by Circo Loco's decision to celebrate their 10 years anniversary in 2008 with an inventive double disc, three part (yes, 6 disc!) compilation released on Moon Harbour.

As for the future Andrè keeps it simple, Moon Harbour will be about "the influences and experiences of Matthias Tanzmann in the clubs." Interestingly there are "upcoming releases by new artists Martinez and Seuil and also the label-compilation 'Moon Harbour In-house vol.3' ". Ultimately though, as a record label that seems to perfectly strike the right balance between core sound and keeping its finger on the pulse, 8 years is sure to be just part of the story.

Label Name: Moon Harbour Rec.
August 2000
Web site:
Address: Moon Harbour Recordings Lampestrasse 2
04107 Leipzig (lipsia) GERMANY

Sub label 1: Curl Curl since June 2004  |

Sub label  2: Cargo Edition since June 2006 |

Label Artists:
Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik, Luna City Express, Marlow & Dan Drastic
Others: Martin Landsky, John Dahlbäck, Vincenzo, Seuil, Martinez, Jan Krüger, Frankman, Hakan Lidbo & Audio Werner
Most Successful tracks:
(mhr 022)
- Matthias Tanzmann - Bulldozer
(mhr 024) - Marlow - Movin / Matthias Tanzmann remix
(mhr 005-3) - moon harbour inhouse vol. 2) - Dan Drastic - somebody's touching me
(mhr 034) - Luna city express - seven

Current Releases:
(mhr 039)
- martinez - momomowha...
(mhr 038) - dan drastic - slice of life
(mhr 036 & mhr 037) - matthias tanzmann - restless remixes
(album mhr 006-2 / 006-3) - matthias tanzmann - restless
(mhr 035) - gregor tresher - break new soil
(mhr 034) luna city express - seven
(mhr 007-2, 008-2, 009-2) - Various Artist - circoloco ibiza 10 years anniversary parts 1, 2, 3 mix-double-cd´s

Forthcoming tracks:
(mhr 040)
- seuil - double room
(mhr 010-2 & 010-3 LP) - label compilation "moon harbour inhouse vol. 3"


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