Matt Star's all mixed up - Khule Fliege on International Freakshow.

Words by: Guy Hornsby
Posted: 10/12/08 13:32

Matt Star is an altogether English-sounding German whose no-nonsense approach to electronic has brought his young career to attention already. 

But while he's barely twenty-one, he's been involved in electronic music for nine years, counting on more experience (be it underage raves or creating tunes on his Playstation while his friends tried to beat their high score) than many of his older contemporaries.

His first track was released on Weave Records when still in his teens, and while his sets can take in everything from ambient beats to techno, his productions adhere to one rule - limb-moving dedication. 

International Freak Show - Weave's sister label - is another solider in Germany's almost inexhaustible army of techno imprints. And for this release Star's own Kuhle Fliege gets a going over from Hugo and Jonas Knopp, both taking the original's space-age vocals and twisting them into their own deep and groovy swirls. 

Knopp's Androgeno Remix boasts an insistent, nagging groove, and comes to life when the vocal is fired in, stretched and bent over the metallic synths like the echo of a lost conversation, mired in reverb and delay. While mean and moody, it never looses its pace or purpose. 

Hugo's while of the same species, is a different animal. With the vocal bobbing and weaving from the start, entwined with each percussive detail, it's a case of sonic economy. Nothing superfluous left in, not an unused note, and every frequency filled with a pulsing electronic menagerie. The track fizzes along with zest and vigour, and into a breakdown that eats up the 'sunshine' in a waterfall of discordant melodies. Serious music.

Artist: Matt Star
Title: Kuhle Fliege Remixes
Label: International Freakshow

Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix)
Kuhle Fliege (Jonas Kopp Androgeno Remix)


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