Luciano & Mirko Loko... It’s a Family affair.

Words by: Dave
Posted: 17/12/08 12:34

There's always been a distinct air of togetherness when it comes to Desolat. Their tight-nit artists, their distinctive musical sound, you can spot a Desolat disc a mile off. And this, Luciano & Mirko Loko's Family Affair, is no exception. If anything it heightens this closeness further more.  

We kick off with Luciano's Mousa Big Band. Mousa is Luciano's tour manager and appears as a rhythmic device, pushing this deep slab of jacking house forward into tomorrow. As with all Luciano productions, the groove is still naked as the day it was born, but there's a tub-thumping rhythm that likes of Derrick Carter or DJ Sneak wouldn't sniff at. It's complimented by an array of tripped-out whirring noises that are neatly buried by both the bass and Mousa who is indeed the star of the show. Rattling orders in his mother tongue, Mousa's voice is used as an instrument - adding colour and warmth to the stripped back groove. 

As we shimmy our way onto track two, Swiss sonic scientist Mirko Loko heads up 'Liah'. Another family affair I'm sure, although I'm not sure what relation she is to Mirko, Liah purrs words in French adding serious finesse as Mirko's soft beats breath deeply and early Underworld-esque synths slowly lay themselves down gracefully, providing a cold contrast to Liah's captivating come-to-bed tones. Deeper and more pensive than Mousa Big Band - this is most certainly the warm up while Luciano's peak time groove workout. 

Finally we arrive at Mirko's Serena. A dedication to his niece, this weighs in at a mean 10 minutes and grows gradually as a result. Slowly but surely we get introduced to each element, from the twittering, star-gazing synth line (complete with a reverse version for ultimate tripped out, spine-tingling moments), to the palpitating beats via the hypnotic hi-hats, it's one of those exciting techno moments that you know would work just as well in the car, home or a walk on a crisp winter's morning as it would on the dancefloor. Ultimately Detroit in its make up, Mirko has devised another beautiful benchmark in electronica that wouldn't go amiss on the likes of Planet E, Border Community or his neighbours the Drumpoet Community.  

In all, a frankly inspired EP that's got something for house, techno and electronica fans alike. With family like this, who needs friends?

Artists: Luciano & Mirko Loko
Title: Family EP
Label: Desolat

Track List:
Luciano - Mousa Big Band
Mirko Loko - Liah
Miko Loko - Serena


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