Christian Burkhardt on Area Remote: Ghost.

Words by: smac
Posted: 15/12/08 12:11

It's nice to see a 1 track release these days. Someone decided that actually this particular record is strong enough to stick out on it's own, without an EP to bolster it up. And they were right.

Ghost is what happens when a producer takes a fearless step into the left-field and sinks shamelessly into beautiful weirdness just far enough to make it great.

Anything less would have left the offering wallowing in a mire of soggy average-dom, but Christian Burkhardt embraces ethereal eccentricity wholeheartedly and ends up with a hell of a tune.

Burkhardt's previous ventures on usual label Oslo have dabbled in sci-fi occult sounds similar to this, and there are real strains of a sub-genre emerging, but Ghost is by far the most distinct. If wailing banshees were to ingest ketamine before haunting giant bell towers then tying themselves into knots descending down a well that actually turned out to be the metaphorical hole, then this would be the soundtrack. Caspar would not feel so friendly in here.

Once the feeling of nausea induced by the sounds subsides, the rest of the track is perfectly balanced to bring you back round again, in fact there may even be some tested geometric equation at play here, so evenly matched are the beats to the main theme. On a huge system it's just enough to keep attached to the floor, bass line crampons to the sides of the well. Obviously not everyone can be expected to understand the genius of the truly bizarre. And that's what remixes are for. 

First Area's own 2000 and One ramps up the rhythm to a danceable speed and adds some sparkly disco synths to good effect. The spiralling is played down rather but some vocal snatches are beefed up in a interesting way, and there's still plenty of off-centre elements to make this is a playable edit. Then fellow Dutch recruit David Lebeij (half of Polder) gives it a tech-house work-over also well worth a listen. Quirkly upbeat and easy on the ear, a good treatment of the parts whilst remaining almost recognisably strange.

Artist: Christian Burkhardt
Title: Ghost
Label: Area Remote
Catnr: AREA007 

1. Ghost (Original Mix)
2. Ghost (David Labeij Remix)
3. Ghost (2000 And One & Lauhaus Flash Ghost Edit )


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