Hotel Ibiza launch in Koh Samui.

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Posted: 15/12/08 13:12

As winter sets in, drawing Europe into an ice age, its no surprise more and more people look away from the ski slopes and towards warmer climes. 

Sadly, many resorts do not offer the Ibiza minded visitor a complete vacation experience - that is a holiday is never complete without a good party! That's until you meet Koh Samui… 

A small, stunning island, 21km by 25km, situated across a stretch of water from the legendary Koh Phangan, Koh Samui is a mere 30-minute flight from Bangkok.  

As you arrive at the airport to discover the main terminal has no walls, you'll instantly feel that calming effect you will only ever find on an island filled with many a smile from the friendly locals - not unlike Ibiza. 

Nestled on the side of a mountain and buried under its own tropical plantation, Ibiza veteran Joe Upton has teamed up with Koh Samui resident Cliff Brown, to deliver a unique hotel experience - much more than a bamboo hut and mosquito net yet as budget conscious as the recession and with killer views. 

Ranging from 15€ to 30€ per night depending on the length of your stay, check in to one of the 18 rooms, invaluably styled and pleasantly quiet, with enough roof terraces, pagodas and intimate corners to make lounging your time away quite the pastime. However make no mistake in thinking this is a low budget hotel - a lot of time, effort and incredibly hard work has gone into making this the unique masterpiece that is Hotel Ibiza

With DJs regularly dropping in and out to keep the residents company and a cool and cosmopolitan crowd, enjoy a diverse menu that includes western as well as Thai food. Kick back in the bar and lounge poolside to work on regaining the golden Ibiza tan that is now little more than a memory. 

Take a walk out the front door and within ten minutes find yourself in the hustle and bustle of the town itself, packed full of markets, great restaurants and shops. If it's a tan you're after step off the road to find the gorgeous seven kilometre golden sands of Chaweng Beach. Many relaxed beach bars are on offer - none catching your attention more than the new Salinas Beach Club, looking directly onto the smaller islands and reef scattered slightly off shore. 

Hotel Ibiza runs a free shuttle service Salinas and back all day - its close location means you can go from hotel door to cocktail on the beach in five minutes flat. 

More time to tan:
With chilled music and ambient vibes, sit back on a sun lounger, prop up the bar and surf the internet or get your feet wet - multiple water sport activities are within arms reach. The relaxed atmosphere and familiar terracotta and cream stone décor make this venue a true home away from home - Ibiza style. 

Love fish but hate paying European price tags? Here you can eat a full seafood platter, giant prawns by the plateful or your favorite Thai fish dish and still go home with change from a tenner. Try the glass noodle spicy salad wielding hand carved metal chopsticks - simply amazing. Open till 1am with music and dancing, the question is what else do you do after dark? It's certainly not cold so there's no need to hide away in your room just yet. 

Sound Club:
Capacity: 1000 plus!There are only a few major clubs on the island, all scattered within walking distance. Open air and friendly, these big venues have a relaxed vibe - the security positively welcome you with open arms and when a double vodka and red bull costs around the 2€ mark, you know it's a good thing they remain open till 6am. That is, until 6am arrives and you're told the club is staying open for a special after party… 

The music is modern and upfront, with a high standard of DJs playing varied electronic house, jacking', grinding and funky! A lot of big-name European based artists come to visit too, with the likes of Clive Henry, Jo Mills, Judge Jules, Timo Mass, Norman Jay, Danny Rampling, Tom Novy, Rob Marmot and Brandon Block playing here in the past and indeed, there are many more to look forward to this season.  

Unlike Ibiza, there is not a huge cover charge before you've entered the club. In fact, most of the venues don't even have a door so it is virtually impossible to pay!

And with a fat New Years Eve party scheduled to bring in 2009 it seems logical where to be at midnight. Of course you could always jump on the Junk Boat, take a cruise to Koh Phangan and party the night away with 30 000 other ravers or save it for the legendary full moon party come January 10th. Set sail before sunset and after the party, with food and a DJ on board, then hop straight back on board to sail back to Koh Samui during sunrise. If you're not here on a full moon, never fear - this boat is out partying every Saturday from 4pm till after sunset. Given the current nature of the travel market, many flights are down in price. If you look in the right places you can score a return from Frankfurt or London for as little as 400€ - including the cost of your hotel, food, drink and entertainment you can have a 14-day holiday door-to-door for around 1000€. Compared to our beloved Ibiza, this is fantastic and affordable for anyone and everyone up for a bit of sun and a whole load of fun! If you're thinking of visiting Koh Samui, Hotel Ibiza and Sound Nightclub, here's information contact |


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