Confidential with... Miss Fitz. #5

Words by: Marx
Posted: 17/12/08 14:02

Another artist from the Berlin school of cool, Miss Fitz, real name Maayan Nidam,  has been a busy lady in the last couple of years, smashing her way into the consciousness of minimal techno with a string of well received releases on labels like Raum and Freak n Chic. 

The Israeli's sound is built on solid grooves and understated parts - in other words, doing it the hard way - and as a result her reputation as a veritable underground producer has flourished. This is evidenced by how remixes of her work, such as Villalobos on 'Menternal' and Sascha Dive on 'Colici', have become successful on dance floors, beatport shopping carts and Ipods alike. 

Miss Fitz also has a penchant for infusing her brand of unremitting beats with vocal samples, demonstrated by her remix of Macido Yayo's 'Sleepless Night' and most notably her own 'Drifting On'. The latter's Nina Simone sample may have polarised opinion somewhat, but there can be no doubt it worked on the dance floor and it also distinguishes the soul of house music that has been evident over the past year. A stripping back of the weird computer minimal to something simpler, add in a vocal ¡, and we talking something a whole lot more rhythmic too. Time we got confidential.....

1. Where do you call home?
Berlin has been my home for the past 5 years and every time I come back from a different city I'm happy to see it's familiar streets.

2. Were you happy as a child? 
Not really. I was a pretty easy going kid but I never felt like I fitted in, I always felt kinda awkward, even with my close friends.

3. How much did your childhood help you in becoming an artist?
Art was always there, in my school and in the city.
I was playing instruments till adulthood and music was always an integral part of my parents place, but since I never got any personal guidance, I didn't consider myself as an artist until very recently.

4. Were you good at school?
Not really, if I bothered to show up, it was never on time. However, I always got good grades so the teachers never gave me any problems. 

5. What or who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
Life itself. Every day I try to figure out something new about the relations between humans, thoughts, needs etc.

6. Children, yes or no?
No. I feel like people in the western urban world keep losing their freedom each and every day with more and more rules and regulations and i don't want to bring a kid to a world like that.

7. Who is your idol and why? 
I don't know if I have one. Maybe Bill Hicks or the Dalai Lama.

 8. Do you believe in fate or God?
I believe in love.

9. Which artist or track did you think was no good but became successful? 
The remix Carl Craig made for Theo Parrish's 'Falling Up' always gets under my skin and makes me feel uncomfortable, but I don't know if it's a bad thing, maybe that was the point.

10. One thing you hate about dance music culture…?
Hate them haters.

11. Last club you went to party at, rather than to play? 
Club der visionaere on the river in Berlin.

12. What's the weirdest thing you've done to get a gig? 
I went from bar to bar and asked if they need a DJ.

13.  If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask and what would the answer be... 
Q: If you could choose a super power, what would it be?
A: I want to know EVERYTHING! Either that or be able to fly.

14. What do you want to plug/promote?
I'd like to promote a different kind of partying, with varied music styles and family atmosphere like Deeper Still nights in Berlin from Barbara Preisinger & Dan Bell. We need more fun!  |


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