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Words by: Marx
Posted: 12/2/09 10:26

Cadenza Records LogoA watchword for Electronic music excellence in the last 5 years, Cadenza's ambitions when founded in 2003 could hardly have been simpler.

Luciano explains "Cadenza started when with my sister, Amélie, Philippe Quenum and I had the idea of releasing one single records. We wanted to put a vinyl out of a track that Phil and I had done, called Orange Mistake and that was the start."

"If those ambitions were somewhat humble, then the principles behind them were typically much more profound. "Our philosophy is to give back to the music what music brought to us", continues Swiss born Luciano "Cadenza is a space for music to grow, rise and blossom. We are continously searching and progressing; we are a part of the evolution. We are all spiritual people, free as our music, and we live for that reason"

Anyone who knows anything about Luciano will tell you that such inspirational rhetoric about music is genuine. Moreover, as his own stock as DJ and producer has risen, so has Cadenza become one of the obvious benchmarks for measuring the state of the underground scene. As with any label we feature during the ‘in the groove' series, selection is based not only on what has been but what is to come; the hip swinging label head reveals "We have moved our offices from Berlin to Lausanne (Switzerland), with new offices and the booking department and label working under the same roof, which makes things much smoother." Indeed, the success of the move is evident by an already packed release schedule for 2009, as Luciano gives a flavour of the delights we can expect to hear, "We have a lot for this year, first we have my own album, also we have new releases from Ernesto Ferreira, Alex Picone , Digitaline , Argenis Brito, as well as Mirko Loko's debut album, and also albums from Pikaya and Reboot coming up"

Label Name: Cadenza
Sub Label: Cadenza Split Composition

Started: 2003
Address:  Klingenstrasse 9, CH-8005, Switzerland

Web site:

Label Artists:
Luciano, Reboot, Pikaya, Argenis Brito, Thomas Melchior, Los Updates, Alex Picone, Digitaline & Mirko Loko

Most successful tracks
CADENZA01 Luciano & Quenem - Orange Mistake
CADENZA02 Lucien-n-Luciano - Stone Age
CADENZA13 Loco Dice – Harissa EP
CADENZA23 Guido Schneider,  Andrés Galuzzi, Florian Schirmacher - Albertino and Nora P

Current releases
CADENZA31 Argenis Brito – Imminent EP
CADENZA32 Michel Cleis & Salvatore Freda – Uva Fragolina EP

Forthcoming releases:
Luciano - Tribute to the Sun
Mirko Loko – Artist Album
Pikaya -Orient Lux Express

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