Homm from Homm - Highgrade's Channel by Channel by Markus Homm.

Words by: smac
Posted: 9/4/09 11:33

Thousands would be envious of such a genetic make-up: born in Romania and brought in Germany, Markus Homm is that perfect blend of east and west and his debut EP on Highgrade bears all the traits of that.

Since returning to his country of origin in 2004, Homm has teamed up with fellow Sibiu resident Mihai Popoviciu across several labels, but at home on Highgrade the duo have made their mark and now it's Homm's turn to fly solo with Channel by Channel, his first individual release on the label.

The title track carries all the familiar attributes of the Romanian sound, a flamboyant flouncy groove, some gypsy vocal tendencies and that relentless hi-hat flatly refusing to let go. Sunny, light and yet effortlessly after-hour, this has mornings on the Croat coast in mind and sums up exactly why this sound is carrying just quite so far right now.

Torn, on the flipside, is just that, a hole ripped in the silver lining, almost casting a cloud over the sunny day. Moodiness for  the first 2 minutes, before a succinct and painfully familiar melody comes in to carry the tune away. A simplistic garage vibe which has so much in common with the early 90s trend still hogging Traktor playlists that it's hard to be objective about it in any other way. Right down to the build-by-numbers-break and the sample synth stabs, its great that this genre is being rediscovered, but please. Just a little more of a fresh twist for those of us still trying our best to forget it first time round?

Thankfully that's exactly what track 3 Expander delivers. An energetic skipping beat bearing hallmarks of the latest trend, but picking up the pace enough to stand out as something different. Question is why Expander isnt the A side? All three on this EP are overladen with sweet chords, and bring more than a touch of spring into this over-long winter. If this is what the Romanian summer is set to sound like, then emigration from Germany might just be the right idea for all of us...

Artist: Markus Homm
Title: channel by channel

Label: Highrade Records

Channel by channel
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Our rating: 7/10

Markus Homm


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