Lets Face the Music and Dance!

Words by: smac
Posted: 23/4/09 0:09

Crisis?There's never been a truer word said, that when times are hard, the partying is harder, and with a summer of disastrous financial straits ahead of us, it's got to be the best time to leave your troubles behind.

Hopping on a quick low-cost jet for a long weekend on Devil's Isle looks all the more tempting when surrounded by the doom and gloom of the current European economy media-fest.

You'd think that there'd be an air of caution in the Ibizenco air this spring all things considering, but whilst most of the big clubs are still hedging their bets in terms of line-ups and ticket prices, the overall mood is definitely one of optimism, excitement and sheer bloodymindedness as the rest of the islanders determine to have a blooming good summer whatever the economy decides to say on the matter.

A few of the businesses are showing the signs of stress, but surprisingly, many many more are launching fresh this season, as canny investors take advantage of the reduced prices and quickly disappearing gaps in the island landscape. New restaurants, bars, clubs are already cropping up, and with island authorities thoroughly distracted with the vecinos never-ending demands and the swiftly rising level of employment amongst the local inhabitants, it's looking like the summer to get ahead in the game.

We never thought we'd see the day that clubs offered Anti-Crisis prices, but more than a couple are knocking about online, and Ryanair are continuing with their 0.00€ prices from London well into July. This summer may find you paying more for a round of drinks at Pacha, than the entire journey getting to the island in the first place.  And no-one is complaining about that. By hook or by crook get here... then have a right of ball till you leave. It's the economy, stupid, and it ain't going anywhere, but whilst there's sunsets, and laughter and romance...

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