JPLS & Ambivalent unite for the Creeps EP on M_nus

Words by: smac
Posted: 30/4/09 10:33

Gimmick or no, M_nus are rather fond of throwing their label family into the studio in varying combinations so it was probably time that Ambivalent and JPLS got together for a release. The 2 state-siders session holed up in Richie Hawtin's Berlin studio has knocked out this Creeps EP and you wouldn't have expected anything different. I know the world hates minimal right now, but those not suffering from long-term memory failure, will have the wherewithal to treat the backlash as the cyclical fashion fad that it is, and be able to assess these results on their merits alone.

Granted, Creep is the kind of glaringly mediocre monotony that leads dance-floors into the permanent stagnation that led to the rejection of the sound in the first place. But the EP has better than this I promise. Frontstab is more of a clickety jerky groove with plenty of swirly psychedelia to hold drifting attention spans before picking up a great bouncy rhythm that surely tickles the old suppressed remembrances of why we all fell so hard for minimal in the first place.

Stalker is a much bigger techno-driven monster, dark and moody enough to startle any would-be prowler out from behind the bass-bins and with the kind of expressive acid stabs that render simple chordal notes into vocal refrains. Straightforward and simple emotive techno, M_nus is like an old girlfriend getting out the happy holiday snaps and doing a pretty good job of wooing us back.

Interestingly though, it is only on the digital release that my interest is really piqued. Obviously evident where the label's loyalty lies as this last production is where it is all at.  Forget the vinyl and go straight here. Backstab skips off at a casual trotting pace, nothing doing here for the first few minutes, before sliding off into pure weird and wonky brilliance. Original, innovative and deliciously quirky, if you were wondering when the ghost of minimal past suddenly moves into the future, this is it.

Sharp fresh, concise and clear as day. Minimal in fact.

Label: MINUS

Track Listing:
A1. Creep
B1. Frontstab
B2. Stalker2
Digital Bonus Tracks:
Dig1: Backstab
Dig2: Backstab (JPLS Remix)

Our Rating: 6/10



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