Jamie Jones "Summertime" definitely...

Words by: smac
Posted: 4/5/09 10:10

Yeah yeah we've all heard how this wowed Miami and for sure it's going to be the track that you will not be able to escape even before the season fully kicks itself into shape.

But lets take a moment here to recognise what an huge transition Jamie Jones has just made as a producer and exactly where that is going to catapult him to next.

What we have here is a beautifully crafted pop-esque record, that is still powerful enough to stand alone even without it's I-want-to-be-Prince vocal. The diversity of it's structure lends itself equally to the anthem-heavy David Guetta's or Erick Morillo's of the world as well as the acid-tech of underground giants like Locodice or Luciano.

The core hook wafts across the baseline as though carried on the breeze of a thousand waving festival-goers, more Faithless than the band themselves. itself.

The B Side comes with a mellower deep house groove that'll prove have much more milage once the enthusiasm has waned somewhat for the title piece. Compilation labels like Defected were already offering into the regions of ten of thousands for Michel Cleis's La Mezcla, so imagine the scope for Jones. When the underground hits the mainstream what happens to the underground? The next few months no doubt will tell.

In the meantime, just throw your head back, close your eyes and imagine yourself on that beach surrounded by thousands of others with the sound systems blaring in the sunshine. Summertime indeed.


Artist: Jamie Jones
Title: Summertime

Label: Crosstown Rebels

Summertime (feat Ost & Kjex - extended radio mix)
Summertime (original dub mix)



Our Rating: 8/10

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