"Reboot" and rewind... Frank Heinrich talks.

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Posted: 26/5/09 15

Since Vandong wiped the floors and airwaves with every other track released last summer, Reboot has been a name that is  impossible to escape. Aside from the releases on Cadenza or Below, apart from the outlandishly indulgent Cocoon compilation compiled with Johnny D - which featured an entire mix of only their own tracks and re-edits -  and in between the prolific number of remixes from labels such as Cecille, Moon Harbour or Connaisseur, Frank Heinrich's current  touring schedule puts him neatly in place as one of the most in-demand producers or live acts right now.

We were exhausted even thinking about it, so we'd thought we slot ourselves in for a quick chat about hearing problems, Luciano's live act, computer crashes and that summer record....

So, you seem silly busy right now... what are you currently working on...
Yeah, I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, I'm working on several projects, some remixes as usual, maybe 3 or 4 that will be out in the next months, one with Sebo K on Cecille, one with Monika Kruse's label Terminal M, which is just finished, and then of there is my own releases, I just had the Cocoon EP., and then the next track is a one track on Love Letters from Oslo and then in 3 or 4 weeks I've having a split release on the label of Ricardo Villalobos, together with Ricardo, 1 track from me, 1 from him, and if that's not enough.

I'm also working on a big live tour project that I'm doing with Luciano and 4 other Cadenza artists, which is called Aether, and we're going to have a huge live show on the festivals this year, and if I'm not working on other stuff then I'm working on that project, so no sign of work slowing down for now...
Luciano presents Aether - Live Performance of sound&colour

We have planning to do a live show, actually we're in rehearsal right now, which is called Luciano presents Aether, which is about 6 musicians on stage that play instruments which are categorised in colours and Luciano is mixing these colours live on stage. It sounds a bit complicated but actually when you've seen the show its all quite clear and easy, its basically visualising music in colours and mixing these colours.

You're working for so many different labels and its so common now for producers to have their own label, have you thought about doing that? And releasing tracks yourself?
For my own releases I'm really only working with Cadenza, Cocoon and Below, I just give them my tracks as I see fit to the label, the other releases of course are on request so could end up on any label, but then there are friends and family things, like Oslo or Cecille which are really just good friends of mine, so I don't really call them my home labels.

As far as having a label goes, why should I do the work that others do perfectly fine at the moment. I'm so occupied doing my own stuff, making music, playing live, touring working on live projects, so I wouldn't have the time at the moment, or the right motivation to start something. Maybe in a few years, but I think there are too many labels on the market right now, and I wouldn't want to add to that!

I had a very loud party  the evening before and I went to the airport in the morning, and I thought I'm nearly deaf!

Tell me about your relationship with Cocoon, you mixed the compilation last summer and of course you're playing with them again this summer in Ibiza...
I've got quite a long relationship with Cocoon already as many people who work for the company are close friends of mine, and so I always had bit of a connection to the people running it. I've been playing  at parties for quite some time but when myself and Johnny D were asked to do the CD, we were surprised, but of course it was an honour to do this, and the EP we had, we just thought that the tracks fit perfectly to Cocoon, they wouldn't have worked on Cadenza or Oslo, and we wanted to do something a little harder and more club-orientated, Cocoon was the perfect platform for that.

And this year you're playing on the terrace with Sven...was that a surprise?
Yes. Sven played one gig on the terrace last year, which wasn't for Cocoon, it was for the normal Amnesia Closing, and he was really amazed by the energy and the whole place, so this year he said, right I want to have 1 night where I play on the terrace, and try out some other sounds rather that the harder techno sounds he plays, to play a bit more funky, more house-y, and I was really really happy that he invited me and called and asked if I would like to do that with him. I think it's going to be an amazing night. Yes, I have other dates one with Ricardo and with Luciano, but this one on the terrace with Sven is going to be special.

Luciano & Ricardo Villalobos Vandong was for sure the biggest hit of Ibiza last summer...what inspired that track, what were you thinking when you produced it?
When I made Vandong I was actually not thinking that much, because it was during a live set in Robert Johnson in Offenbach and I already had the beats produced at home and I was playing that live and thinking, there's something missing here, so I just tightened some midi-notes and then out came the hook line from Vandong! It was absolutely spontaneous during a live set, so I wasn't thinking that much at all. When I finished the track and gave it to Below, I could already hear that this was a good production, but I never thought that it was going to be so massive. Especially because DJs played this where I never thought that DJs would play it... Pete Tong and I don't know who, all really pushed this track and I was really surprised and happy about the success.

But at the time I was like, shut the fuck up, my computer is doing crazy shit and rebooting all the time....

You had ear problems recently didn't you and missed a gig in New York? Is everything better now?
Thankfully my ears are fine now. I had a very loud party  the evening before and I went to the airport in the morning, and I thought Oh My God, I'm nearly deaf! And it was absolutely not possible to do the long flight and play another night... It was a quite scary situation and it was the first time that something like this happened to me. Actually the problem was the monitor speakers in the club where I was playing, were low quality and very loud, and it just killed my ears. I was lucky, in that when I went to the doctors I just had to take it very easy for a few days, and it went away on its own. At the moment I'm perfectly healthy, my ears are doing well and and am just trying to take a little better care. I will be in New York on the 1st August I have another date scheduled. So I will make it this time.

Why the name Reboot...Where does this come from?
Well I started DJ-ing about 15 years ago, and I used several pseudonyms and I did use my real name too at first, but Frank Heinrich, is in fact not that catchy! And I was planning on doing a solo live show about 4 years ago, and as I was already DJ-ing with my name, I wanted to find another name for the live show. But the promoter kept on calling me, saying I'm doing the flyers now..I need a name to put on it! But at the time I was like, shut the fuck up, my computer is doing crazy shit and rebooting all the time....so he just said fine well I'll write that on the flyer then, and so it kind of stuck. That's the whole story..

Ricardo & Luciano, I love playing with them, who wouldn't!

Is there anyone is particular you'd like to remix that you haven't yet?

Yeah, well the people I'd like to remix are quite many really, I couldn't even begin to point them out. On the electronic scene, well of course Luciano, but we're already planning something, and I'm already working wReboot Studioith Ricardo Villalobos, so that dream also already came true. There are a lot of non-electronic musicians that I'd love to work with, like Manu Delago who plays hang drum, a really amazing musician and Avishai Cohen the jazz musician, and so on, but on the electronic scene, I've been working with most of the people that I've always wanted to work with.

And gig wise, who have you enjoyed playing with recently...
Oh there's so many and it's hard to point anything out. I had a really amazing gig with Locodice in Robert Johnson about 3 weeks ago, and of course, Ricardo, and Luciano, I love playing with them, who wouldn't!

For my live act, I use a lot of hardware and well as the laptop that runs Ableton, I love to bring a lot on instruments on stage and not just a midi control and a laptop, I think you need some blinking machines on stage to call it a real live act. At the moment I'm travelling with my Elektron Machinedrum, with a Korg FX1 with a Korg ESX and sometimes with my Virus T, which I change from time to time to a Nord E2, depending on how far I have to travel  or how big is the stage etc... When I play Cocoon in Frankfurt for example. I bring half my studio to the gig because it's just around the corner! So it always depends, but I do try to integrate hardware somehow.

Well we look forward to seeing you in Ibiza this summer...
On the 17th June I'Il be there the first time, to play at Blu after the opening of Cocoon. I've played at Blu 4 times now and I really love it, it's smaller and more intimate, a great little club. We also have a Cadenza party @ Zoo Channel on July 29, open air, day party, I'm so much looking forward to it. See you there!

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