Luciano on the beach. Ushuaia, Ibiza. (incl. Video)

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 26/7/09 0:03

Luciano on the beachHeard about the Sunday night attracting attention right now in Playa den Bossa? No, it's not at Space, but at Ushuaia, a chic little bar situatued at the tail end of Bossa beach. Ushuaia has somehow managed to attract the techno A-list. No promo, only on invitation, but nobody seemed to mention this to the 200 or so revelers who'd descended to the top of the dunes to dance.

With the secret now well out, Sundays at Ushuaia looks set to become one of the islands most memorable and indeed notorious success stories of 2009. The setting is not unlike Mambo's, only the soundtrack for the night is uncompromisingly techno. With a maximum capacity of about 300, it's an intimate atmosphere, an atmosphere only made more special by the presence tonight's guests, Marc Antona , Dany Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela and Cadenza Records head honcho, Luciano. As you'd imagine he would, the Chilean techno don stole the show, delighting the cosmopolitan crowd from beginning to end, weaving his way through a majestic set of underground techno, house and even some classic Ibizan trance thrown in for good measure.

Upon walking in to the club I was instantly seduced by 2009's fashionable 'Mannheim' sound, with Luciano spinning Johnny D's majestic rework of 2020 Soundsystem's 'Sliding Away.' A nice way to introduce the night...and an omen of what was to come. The next few hours did indeed slide away, in a tide consisting of classics such as Underworld's 'Rez', trance smash 'Age of love'  (which shouldn't really work, but for some reason the "come on" vocal nestled beautifully between the predominantly underground sounding techno soundtrack) as well as a brilliant, yet bizzare Luciano rework of Lumidee's 'Never leave you'. It's testament to the chain smoking one that he can transform such pop fodder in to a seriously bumpy groove while making time for it in another effortlessly eclectic set. Yes, he's been perhaps unfairly criticised in the past for not varying his sets enough, but there was no evidence of this in the night in question.

With the night typically running from about five pm to midnight, Luciano, like he does with his sets, pushed the boundaries right on through to 2.30. Admittedly the end time in question hardly equates to a seriously mental party, but when the entire crowd is seduced by the music for free, for an extra two hours, time tends to becomes increasingly irrelevant. The night had all the ingredients for a seriously special gig - a pre party which would have undoubtedly transformed to an alarming 10 am glance at the watch where it not for the laws that be. A pity, but as the baying crowd begged for more and were duly treated to a bit of who else but Michael Jackson, most were grateful just to have been there for the past 5 hours. Yes we can still properly party on the beach in Ibiza.

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