Cadenza pack 5000 party animals @ The Zoo.

Words by: smac
Posted: 10/8/09 14:11

However much we tried to forget it, there was a gap this summer so huge that it took last Wednesday to admit to ourselves that it was there.

Summer has breezed along with it's beach parties, it's plentiful new clubs and promoters, the villa party scene thriving and the early morning harbour looking like a giant after-hour with boats cruising out of port with their sound systems blazing full blast - we've almost forgotten what it felt like to connect en masse through music in the sunshine in a club of 1000's. Zoo Project have been quietly bubbling along with their open-air parties for three years now, casually disdained by anyone outside of San Antonio, yet steadily entertaining up to 3000 clubbers every Saturday afternoon without a sweat. 

This year Wednesdays saw them launch another weekly event, and my! have the feathers been ruffled by the line-ups they've chosen and the allegiances they've forged. Without little fuss and even less pomp the likes of Moon Harbour, 2020 Vision, Crosstown Rebels, and Freak n'Chic have showcased their artists in this vast and lush open air fiesta space surrounded by gardens, swimming pools and even a BBQ area to the most savvy of the islands club-goers every Wednesday and last week saw the official seal of approval land in the shape of the mighty Cadenza and Luciano.

By 9pm the whole venue was a roadblock, guestlists were full to capacity and nigh on 5000 of the coolest party creatures on the island were encased in the old abandoned zoo for what can only be described as the best festival atmosphere Ibiza has seen this summer. Bar none.

The so-called Seal Pit (it was never a Zoo - for those fact-pickers among you) entertained hordes with the likes of Reboot, Lee Van Dowski  and Alex Picone, joined by fire-eaters, acrobatic performers and the live visuals of local heroes Fr3m4 on giant screens, whilst in the main arena DC10 podium favourites Guila Riena and her saucily clad friends hung off street lamps to the joyous tunes of Luciano.

Behind the swimming pool - which was filled with well prepared bikini-clad ravers - Dan Ghenacia , Anthony Collins and Dyed Soundorom kept it nice and deep for those wishing to avoid the crowds. And behind the main stage, one of the best attended back stage areas spotted this summer, as Sven Vath, Pete Tong and every club promoter worth his salt on the island crammed in for a chance to see just what all the underground buzz was really about. A chance to dance in the open air in a space that doesn't care who you are or where you're from?  A chance to rave freely amongst friends and strangers all united under one sound...? In the words of one of the more established island promoters watching from backstage "Wow. Wow. Wow."

Cadenza On the Beach - 18 August 09
Cadenza On the Beach - 18 August 09


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