Pole Folder - Hollow remixed by Zemi , Robert Babicz & Angel Alanis

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 26/8/09 11:43

With progressive house taking a bit of a hammering over the last number of years in terms of credibility and 'Minimal' replacing it as the new 'cool' sound, labels such as Belgium's 'La Tour' are putting their focus into bringing an emphasis back to the cross over between deep melodic if somewhat trance like harmonies and atmospherically straddling sounds that artists such as Charlie May and Chicago DJ Angel Alanis have represented in their recent releases and remixes for the label. Pole Folder the mechanism behind the label is one of a number producers such as Brendon Moeller & Charlie May taking the DIY approach to running their own label in 2009 and 'La Tour' adds its name to a number of quality electronic labels stemming from Belgium that includes Eskimo Recordings and R&S spitting out 'class a' content at the fluid rate that 'digital' moves at. Melodically deep house that's primarily skewn with harmonies and secondarily functions around the beats and percussive elements in the listening experience was something that had been missing in mainstream dance music 'de rigueur' over the last number of years. The decline partly due to the 'adoration' that progressive once held for consumers being knocked to the wayside and the lack of new producers coming through her ranks at the speed necessary. The fact that big names DJs such as Sasha even began programming 'Minimal' into their sets laid further evidence to this. Lately, though even artists more associated with 'Minimal' such as Dixon have been communicating that melodic deep sound in their DJ sets and producers such as Holland's Secret Cinema, EMT and Kollektiv Turmstrasse have been releasing tracks with deeply prog elements in their soundscapes. It's evident that Pole Folders music is welded deeply in those fiery furnaces of melodic and progressive house that cause a thrill sensation to the senses and evocatively taking one on the 'journey'.

'Hollow' represents the 4th release from the label. The original edit is filled with metallic sounds and classic vocals that float effortlessly over snares, percussion and those metallic sounds that perhaps imply the origin of the tracks name. A warm reverbing loop escalates its way into the scene and you can begin to understand what Pole Folder is referring to as his cinematic approach to 'scoring' music into a club night's soundscape. Layer upon layer of sound is built tidily into the track in an almost 'DJ mix' way instruments and sounds blends into each other. It slinks and slides along with a reverbing loop and silky, velvety textures that run smoothly as the harmonic groove gets right in under your skin. DJ Angel Alanis, techno legend Robert Babicz and Zemi take on remix duties. Zemi's offering is based on a blippy minimal sound which does little to intrigue as it plods along whilst Alanis creates an ambient down-tempo expression with a steady BPM that opens with percussive pads and acid squelches and is simple and pared back. Its dark harmony slinks and threads lightly then a perfectly looped clean harmonised melodic piano key drifts in as vocal pitch shifts and metallic sounds adjust into slivers of harmonised electronica with graceful melodic airs that pan and stretch as they interweave and thread their way through singer Sean Ryan's husky and deeply warm vocals. Babicz's take is upp-ed in tempo and stand out track in the 4 remix release a more in your face club sound. Organic drum rolls, looped vocal snippets, a catchy riff and throbbing kick work their way out over atmospherically trippy spaced out sounds as it pulses and reverbs with that warm, sexy groove that infectiously brims with heat and sensuality. There is a lot of layers to this track and a little chaos is brought by a killer synth that breaks midway neatly between 16 bar spaces.

Many have said the progressive sound became jaded and dirty and somewhat died but what seems to be changing to the sound is the production masterminds behind her creations are finally stepping out of the shadows to bring a focus squarely back to where it belongs. The music. 'Hollow' represents everything that is right at the moment with darkly melodic and evocative house music.

Artist: Pole Folder
Title: Hollow

Label: La Tour

Hollow (Original Mix)
Hollow (Robert Babicz Remix)
Hollow (Robert Babicz Dub)
Hollow (The Zemi Afterhours Remix)
Hollow (Angel Alanis Remix)


Our Rating: 7/10

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