Mauro Picotto Love Message remixes on Alchemy

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 9/10/09 10:12

When trance's main star ‘Tiesto' decided to experiment by dabbling with electro and indie rock in his sets and established players such as ‘Ferry Corsten' admitted they had become tired of the genre, it became questionable if trance was finally dimming into the morning light it had once awoke from. For just a few years it felt that the mourning of a genre with one of the strongest followings in the scene was falling upon electronic music. Not so it seems, as the next generation willingly step in to fill the stars of the genre's shoes. The profile of emerging euphoric and melody driven producer Glenn Morrison of ‘Orange Glow' fame continues to grow whilst, groups such as Above and Beyond have garnered attention through quirky viral marketing video‘1 million Brazilians' which roped comedian Matt Lucas into playing a dodgy music industry manager and spread across the web like wildfire, developing new fans and further interest in the genre. Perhaps trance acts as the best introduction for new listeners to dance music leading one onto the paletted variety of styles that exist within electronic music.

As artists like Tiesto opted to take trance down a more cheesy and commercial direction, its been production stalwarts like Italy's Mauro Picotto who have opted to keep elements of the genre in his productions (estimated to be around 250 releases) pushing it in a new direction by gritting it up, adding tough techno fuelled rhythms and 4/4 elements of hard house into the uplifting breakdowns and harmonies encased within tracks like ‘Love Message'.

With 16 years industry experience it's little wonder evolution from trance into the harder elements of techno and hard house has happened for the ex -Gatecrasher DJ regular who now books techno artists such as Mistress Barbara, Mark Broom and Marco Carola for his ‘Meganite' parties at Privilege in Ibiza. Evolving and finding new styles to listen to and play out with is ultimately just a natural progression.

The 4 remixes of ‘Love Message' 2 provided by Dutch minimal techno producer Ramon Tapia, Italian Uto Karem, and one by Picotto's moniker ‘Meganite' sound interesting but its difficult to really differentiate one from another. Uto Karem's remix stands out in the 4, as blisteringly tough 4 to the floor hard edged driving elements clash against wrapped up dub sounds that unravel in loops as atmospheric piano breakdowns crescendo and resonate over clonking beats and piercing percussion. Karem having recently released on Dubfire's label SCI+TEC and remixed up and coming UK electronic producer Alan Fitzpatrick is definitely one to watch but ‘Love Message' falls short of taking electronica into new dimensions. It sticks to a tried and tested formulaic pattern that works chunky elements of bass and percussion for the big room floor and though you know you'll dance your not entirely sure if you'll listen.

Artist: Mauro Picotto
Title: Love Message

Label: Alchemy

Love Message Meganite Mix
Love Message Ramon Tapia First Message mix
Love Message Ramon Tapia Second Message mix
Love Message Uto Karem Remix

Our Rating: 4/10
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