Madrid's GOA celebrates 15 Years - 06-12-09 @ Fabrik

Words by: Gregorio
Posted: 20/11/09 13:34

Madrid's GOA celebrates 15Arguably Spain's most emblematic fiesta, Madrid's GOA celebrates 15 memory packed years in December 2009, as we tribute one of clubland's enduring events.

Put simply, Goa is a ritual for Sunday worshippers in the Spanish capital, taking place in the enormous Fabrik complex, some 20km away from the centre, on the first Sunday of each month. On 6th December, none other than Loco Dice headlines the anniversary special, Goa add the details: "...being faithful to our philosophy of '12 hours of music, fun and harmony, we have prepared a deluxe line up, in the Main Room will be residents Gerardo Niva and Marcos in Dub accompanied by the Tiefschwarz brothers and the dance floor destroyer Loco Dice; on the Upper Floor is the label showcase for Tuning Spork and electronic music's renaissance man, Jay Haze, along with Sierra Sam, Michal Ho and Hugo; in the Crystal Club we roll out thered carpet to again welcome our most distinguished guests, represented by Aril Brikha, Pete Herbert and the duel Mad Mats vs Alex Barck".

Goa have also decided to and support Jay Haze with the 'DJs for DRC Project', explained in the recent Fuckpony interview, through which DJs are offering some or all of their DJ fees in support of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Goa began in November 1994 when, on Madrid's famous boulevard La Gran Vía, a small afters club began offering quality underground electronic music to those who were still in the mood to party come dawn. Suffering the fate of all legendary parties, this golden era eventually came to end in early 1999, due to a law restricting after-hours law in Madrid, and instead the Goa team started a series of one off events that have ultimately developed into the monthly Sunday at the huge Fabrik venue.

And nobody is more aware of the party's evolution than the Goa team themselves: "Many say that it's simply a question of luck to have been in the right place at the right time, but what you can't deny is that Goa is if not one of the most important electronic music parties in Europe, surely the most fun. Some say 'Goa isn't what it used to be' and they're partly right. Goa isn't what it was because it started being a party with hardly 200 people 15 years ago, later on 3000 souls would meet at La Sala Universal, and now in Fabrik practically 10,000 people celebrate each gathering."

Like any proper underground club worth its salt, the music has always been at the heart of the Goa philosophy. We'd be here until Christmas going through the roster of talent that have grown to become the staple of Madrid's biggest party, suffice to say every artist, DJ and live act from the underground house and techno scene have played, whether that be future heroes (Manuel Tur), legends (Green Velvet), superstar DJs (Raresh) or residents (Gerardo Niva). The fact the party takes place during 12 hours on Sunday afternoon and evening also provides the environment for some mouth watering spectacles, such as the recent Halloween event that saw Dixon, Âme and Henrik Schwarz interchange, experiment and bounce off each other for the duration of the party.

Final words from Goa HQ: "The fiesta has evolved from a small underground party for connoisseurs to a truly mass celebration; the quality of the Goa events has been improving progressively one party to the next, demonstrated in the development of the artists that come here each month. But now, its birthday time, so let's dance!"

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You need not be a DJ to participate, though — anyone can make a direct donation with just a few mouse clicks. The main point of this project is raising awareness of the conflict in the DRC. Get involved!
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