Guy J - Ballroom EP On Bedrock Records

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 24/11/09 16:32

What is it about Guy J that makes this guy one of the hottest producers on the scene right now? Perhaps, it's the fact he's filling a massive deficit in a genre that has been slow to filter in new talent or maybe there's just something in the water in Israel, home to a new slew of talent such as Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber, Chaim and Gel Abril sound architects behind a number of melody deep and driven house productions. However, new protégés may be emerging from within the country's scene but Israel has always had strong outflow of trance and psy-trance music over the years with acts such as Astrix & Atomic Pulse indelibly paving the way for artists like Guy J.

Ballroom's original edit takes a different direction to the floaty euphoric edits from the ‘Esperanza' album. Tougher in direction and sound but still gentler then the remixes the release is actually more set to the formula of expectation of a Bedrock release. Effervescent fizzling, hissing and crackling sounds based on drum patterns rather then melodies open up the original edit and spirals of atmospheric loops weave against melodies that pan over the canvas of sound. It's a slow builder that doesn't go over the top but doesn't portray the best of Guy J based on his previous releases.

UK born, Berlin based producer Ed Davenport takes remix duties on and ups the tempo several notches. Tougher, edgier and more bouncy for the floor then the original edit its darkly progressive in sound with breakdowns and dark pulsing rhythms. Think early morning in a dark club where the floor is throbbing away to grooves.

Sian a Dublin born, Spanish raised producer and DJ recording primarily for Dubfire's SCI &TEC imprint takes on final remix duties but the gloss is neatly set by the time his remix hits. Wirey and slower in tempo again, the edit is journey like and almost minimal in element with clonking metallic hollow sounds that are back dropped against hissing up-tempo snares and hi hats. It's just a shame the track goes a little off kilter but perhaps this showcases Sian's eclectic side.

All in all the 3 tracks back to back give the feel of a slow builder, a track for a main set and an alternative style track. The programming and layout of the tracks provide a good feel and an easy flow for the listener. Ballroom definitely fits the progressive category but isn't exactly groundbreaking compared to Guy J's past work. Its definitely more Bedrock then Guy J and a nice addition to the producers existing repertoire but is somewhat still sparkling.

Artist: Guy J
Title: Ballroom EP

Label: Bedrock Records

Ballroom Original
Ballroom Ed Davenport Remix
Ballroom Sian Remix

Our rating: 7/10
Guy J


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