Subb-an & Shelton - The Musik EP On One Records

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 7/12/09 9:26

British DJ Subb-an made his name with his releases on Immigrant and Leftroom records, plus a residency at Birmingham's hottest club Below.

Now, he teams up with the venue's founder Adam Shelton to launch their own imprint, One Records. Not wasting any time either, the label's debut release Feel The Musik is available from November 30th, complete with two sets of DJ tools.

On the A side, you'll find The Musik which with its speaker-busting bass and "feel the music" vocals, it's impossible to do little else than enjoy the vibes. There's a bit of a 80s influence creeping in too, and what's essentially a simple track is layered with just the right amount of synth highlights. Feel The Musik is a slick, cool opening to the EP and would easily compliment both early and very late night mixing.

Over on the flip side you'll find The Vision picking up the pace with a stronger, faster bassline. Although another relatively simple formula, the tunes drum rhythms, flute like synths and subtle double bass make this the standout track of the two, so expect to hear a lot of this ace production.

The Feel The Musik EP is a great first release and confirms Subb-an and Shelton as a duo to watch.

With projects already lined up with Buckley from Leeds club Back2Basics, plus Little Fritter, the boys are thinking big and Feel The Musik firmly paves the way for One Records to become a respected label.



Artist: Subb-an & Shelton
Title: The Musik EP

Label: One Records

The Musik
The Vision
Tool 1 Musik Sounds
Tool 2 Musik Vocal

Our Rating: 6,5/10
Subb-an & Shelton


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