UNER - Labaneria On Eklektisch

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 2/12/09 10:25

Spanish producer Uner is known for his classic house grooves and previous releases on Germany's influential label Diynamic. Now, he teams up with Edu Imbernón to release Labaneria as the debut for Imbernón's Eklektisch imprint. Available this December, get ready for a jumping EP that's packed with the original plus three remixes from Julien Chaptal, AFFKT and Coyu with Imbernón.

Kicking off with the original, it's impossible to avoid instantly nodding your head and tapping your feet. Its infectious techy vibe gets under your skin, and what sounds like computer game sound effects serve to add interest to an otherwise simple, yet outstanding track.

The Coyu and Imbernón mix is where things really start to get interesting. With the addition of a funky sub-bass and a healthy dose of crowd-pleasing crescendos, this is a punchy revamp that's guaranteed to go down a storm. If your looking for uplifting beats that ensure building a euphoric atmosphere, look no further than this mix.

Julien Chaptal keeps the pace kicking with his version that features a super-cool xylophone melody. Just as you think it can't get any better, the track excels itself and teases you with a break down four minutes in, before tanking off again with whopping beats.

Last but not least sees AFFKT unleashed on Labaneria. He brings an element of funk to the table with guitar rhythms and more brilliant breakdowns that feature an entrancing bell, plus clapping and whooping crowd. A superb final addition to the line-up.

Packed with crescendos, breakdowns and originality to every mix, the Labaneria EP has slotted itself right at the top of my must-have records. Its techy, funky vibe has the ability to catapult you into club mode, and if this is a taste of what's to come from Eklektisch, you too should be watching their every move.

Artist: UNER
Title: Labaneria EP

Label: Eklektisch

Labaneria Original Mix
Labaneria Coyu & Edu Imbernon Remix
Labaneria Julien Chaptal Remix
Labaneria Affkt Remix


Our Rating: 7/10


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