Hell feat. Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance Rmx on Gigolo Records

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 21/12/09 11:54

It's been a busy year for Dj Hell. His 'Teufelswerk' album rightly once more shrouded him in glory after the doubters proclaimed him over after the death of electroclash. Tracks such as 'The Disaster', 'The Angst' and 'The Dj' (featuring none other than P Diddy) propelled him back towards the techno summit. I Voice of course, where amongst the first to take notice when we interviewed the man himself back in June. If there's one thing we gathered from that interview, it's that Hell isn't exactly a conventional fellow, so fans won't be surprised to see that he's now only gone and done a track with pop cronner Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame. We're somewhat skeptical of these binding of two stars from very different genres, but then we said the same of his collaboration with Mr.Diddy Combs......this should be interesting.

And interesting, it certainly is. In fact, it eclipses Hell's brilliant recent effort 'The Dj.' In a music scene screaming out for something different, Bryan Ferry's vocals do the trick here. Yes, the vocals ensure it's not the most underground sounding track you're likely to hear this year, but it is catchy and brilliant produced. Ferry's 'You can Dance' vocals are used to maximum effect, injecting an epic sound to proceedings and while his typical fans may not agree with the collaboration, it gets a big thumbs up from I Voice.

The remixes are served up from an impressive list of contributors - but then a man who's worked with Diddy and Ferry tends to command the best. Detroit legend Carl Craig is first up, and he offers not one, but two remixes. The first is a sultry, sexy synth heavy track which rids the original of much of the vocal, with 'You can dance' only interjecting at the pivotal moments. His second attempt is pure brilliance and typical Craig. This time, he's almost completely rearranged the track structure, transforming it in to an acid house peak time track whilst reintroducing the vocal. A sure contender Craig's best remix since Junior Boys minimal defining 'Like a Child.'

Tim Goldsworthy's mix is pure 80's. Well, the package deserved one 80's like track eh? Kraftwerk-esque bleeps introduce us to yet another impressive reworking, though this one is more suitable for home listening than the club. Not packing much punch dance floor wise, it makes up for this by creating an intense atmospheric listening experience. London electro-rockers Simian Mobile Disco complete the package. Typically, it's a high octane, electro/techno fueled affair. Trippy as hell (no pun intended) with a grating bass line and scary fx, it further cements the duo's reputation as the go-to men remix wise in the electro field. This is a fantastic package and considering it features 4 fantastic remixes on top of the 'Teufelswerk' and radio edit, means it's up there with the best releases I've heard in a long time.


Artist:Hell featuring Bryan Ferry
Title: U Can Dance Remixes

Label: Gigolo Records

U Can Dance - Radio Edit
U Can Dance - Carl Craig Remix V. 1
U Can Dance - Carl Craig Remix V. 2
U Can Dance - Tim Goldsworthy Remix
U Can Dance - Simian Mobile Disco Remix
U Can Dance - Teufelswerk Album Version


Our Rating: 7/10


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