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Posted: 26/11/09 10:31

The Music Producer 2.0The Music Producer 2.0 is the latest electronic music production software to hit the world market. Great for beginners, but also able to be manipulated by all levels of producer, the music producer is set to be responsible for the next big chart hits or superstar producer. Since its launch in the states the software has become world renowned with endorsements from some credible music producers from around the globe.

The Music Producer is a music production software tool that makes it easy for beginners of all ages to make great music in a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance. The developer, The Music Producer LLC, is a Florida-based media and entertainment holding company that markets music production software on a global basis.

Whitney Belker CEO of The Music Producer LLC said "Music is truly the universal language. No matter where we go, we find that people response to music production software the same. Most are excited, some are surprised, and many don't really understand the concept of music production software until they see it. And when they get it, they are hooked."

The Software includes, 3400 different royalty-free digital music samples, beats, melodies and chords, "Effects Machine" with 11 special effects for full customization and "Instrument Editor". You can create original tracks, save to a CD-Rom or flash drive, you can also record your own voice. Demo tracks and digital music loops are also included. Just drag and drop sample beats, melodies and chords into the song writing window and the user will be creating music in minutes.

Rawy Torres, is the latest celebrity to rave about The Music Producer! In a recent visit to South Beach, Rawy a former member of Latin boys band sensation Menudo from 1989-1990, and current songwriter/producer, sat down for a trial run at TMP. "I think its great software," said Rawy, as he created music from scratch, using the latest version of The Music Producer 2.0. In just 5 minutes of tinkering with the software, with no tutorial or formal training, Rawy had the beginnings of a Spanish ballad, decked with vocals, chords, beats and piano accompaniment.

The Music Producer software also offers thousands of original Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Dance, R & B, Latin, Reggae and Reggeaton digital music samples to choose from and also caters for the aspiring DJ with The Music Producer DJ Mix software, which you can use to learn how to mix like a true superstar DJ.

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