N/A feat Rozilla - Fables and Fairytales On Crosstown Rebels

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 14/12/09 10:30

I've always been a big fan of Damian Lazarus and his Crosstown Rebels imprint. The reason? Quality control. In an era where labels churn out formulaic sounding electronic music by the bucket load, Crosstown always seem to strive to do something different.

So when the PR sleeve for this track promoted it as one of ‘the best Crosstown Rebels releases yet', I was bound to be somewhat intrigued. The track in question is ‘Fables and Fairytales' by N/A feat Rosina. Not quite household names, this track will likely propel the Toronto duo, known individually as Nicholas Murray and Adam Marshall, to higher planes.

A dubby, murky, old school sounding track, ‘Fables and Fairytales' features the kind of melodic synth stabs which will be buzzing in your head for hours after leaving a club. Originally released on independent label Kujl under the alias Murr, Lazarus, somewhat unsurprisingly, instantly fell in love with the track and insisted it be released with added promotion on Crosstown, complete with a new artist name and brilliant remix. When Lazarus comes a knockin', you don't say no eh?

The recent trend towards epic tracks toppling the 13 minute mark continues here, although unlike other tracks of similar timescales, it's anything but repetitive and boring. Rosina's vocals are subtle and only interject at certain crucial points along the way, adding a sultry element to the track.

The B side features the aforementioned remix from recent Crosstown signing Deniz Kurtel. Her take on the track is somewhat murkier and more atmospheric, as she manipulates Rosina's vocal to simply devastating effect. Two fantastic tracks in their own right, it'd be unfair to favour one over the other. Further kudos are also due to Lazarus for breathing fresh air in to a track many of us would never had had the pleasure to listen to otherwise. Crosstown Rebels....they're not amongst the UK's most celebrated imprints for nothing you know.

Artist: N/A feat Rosina
Title: Fables & Fairytales

Label: Crosstown Rebels

Fables & Fairytales
Fables & Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel remix)




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N/A feat Rozilla


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