John Selway & Tony Rohr - Less Scary EP on CSM

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 8/12/09 13:57

American John Selway has consistently produced quality house music both independently and collaboratively since the early 90s.

As both producer and record label owner, Selway's next project sees him team up with Brooklyn boy Tony Rohr who originally started out as a scratch DJ before his hip-hop influences moved on to house and eventually techno.

Bringing no only his inspiration but his love for innovative ideas to the mix, this month the duo release their Less Scary EP on CSM Records, home to many of Selway's hits including his recent collaboration with Dave Turov, Jazz Hands.

In reference to Less Scary, Davide Squillace quite rightly describes the EP as "twisted stuff!" as it kicks off with Last Time on the A side. Its mechanical and irregular rhythm takes you on a deep, dark and trippy journey that's not for the faint hearted. Cranking up the atmosphere with what sounds like heavy-duty machinery, the track gives way to a danceable beat and enchantingly draws you in to begin to love its spooky sound.

Over on the flip side you'll find Dave's Ghost, which has already taken DJ preference with the backing from Troy Pierce from Minus and Chris Liebing from CLR to name a few.

This track slows the EPs pace a little and ups the eerie stakes. Then, a cool architecture of otherworldly sounds wave and warp their way through eight minutes, as this hypnotic tune builds the perfect sound to get lost in the dance floor dark.

As the title promises, Selway and Rohr keep the scare factor to a minimum and deliver deeply dark tunes with Less Scary. "Fantastic combo!  More please! " says Alexi Delano of Clink Recordings, a crafted production from the all-American duo.

Artist: John Selway & Tony Rohr
Title: Less Scary EP

Label: CSM

The Last Time
Dave’s Ghost

Our Rating: 6/10

John Selway & Tony Rohr


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