Spirit Catcher - Sedona EP on Systematic

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 15/12/09 10:45

Belgian's Jean Vanesse & Tom Sohet have been making music together for a long time as Spirit Catcher, seven years in fact. It's strange that during this time few journalists have managed to say anything interesting or unique about them. A quick Google search will net a bio and a scant few reviews that do little other than re-iterate those words. Despite this perceived lack of visibility, these guys have made the rounds by consistently releasing memorable chunks of futuristic house music on high profile labels like 2020Vision, Rebirth, and now Systematic to a tenth of the fanfare lauded upon much lesser artists. Hell, even Systematic's chief and superstar DJ Marc Romboy finds Spirit Catcher's music to be impressive and unique, so there must be something worth investigating.

Hopefully, luck is going change for the Spirit Catcher boys very soon, especially with the release of their latest single - the excellent Sedona EP.

"Sedona" is a slow boiler that focuses on a good groove and percussion to set the mood. Both of these elements are then tastefully buried under some deep, pulsing organ stabs to give an already solid track a serious late night ambience. There are also nice jazzy chord changes about halfway through that give the A-side a house music framework to carry the duo's melodic hooks - making "Sedona" a memorable peak hour cut perfect for the long nights and cold temperatures of December.

On the flip, "Future Fools" holds down the B-side with a steady diet of West Coast inspired house funk that is augmented by a clever Detroit sounding melody line as the hook. It almost sounds as if DJ Dan met Theo Parrish and the two cut a record together. At times this approach sounds dated, like a tired DJ sticking to a well-rehearsed set of tricks. There are some nice moments here but this one definitely belongs on the backside of a white hot single and not out front.

This new EP does tons to raise the visibility of the Spirit Catcher duo as an exemplary production team. The A-side captures a twinge of ennui and rides it on a steady groove for maximum enjoyment while the B-side channels the mothership . Overall, this EP is the perfect send off to what has been a very long year and also quite possibly an omen that 2010 will belong to Vanesse and Sohet.

Artist: Spirit Catcher
Title: Sedona EP

Label: Systematic Recordings

Future Fools


Our Rating: 6/10
Spirit Catcher


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