Frivolous - Couples Therapy EP on Cadenza Records

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 17/12/09 11:21

It's been a busy, whirlwind year for Luciano's Cadenza imprint. From Ibizan beach parties, to Aether projects to full length LP's and 'Gypsytown's, it's certainly been nothing short of prolific. While the labels output has increased significantly recently, their latest delivery, courtesy of Frivolous (Canadian Daniel Gardner) emphasises the fact that quality control is still rooted to the core of the label and represents a strong start to 2010.

A move away from the traditional Cadenza sound, 'C:/My Consciousness' starts on an eerie note, before the melody takes the listener to an epic vocal-laden, almost emotional journey. Cheeky and catchy, this is fun, unpretentious techno which still manages to maintain a succinct underground edge.

Speaking of majestic years, Frank Heinrich hasn't exactly done bad for himself either. Since ditching the day job in March, the man better known in techno circles as Reboot, has lit up the electronic music scene via a series of well received productions and infamous live sets. With the bass making way to emphasise the vocal, as was the case with Boot's 'Caminando', this track it seems, was tailor made to suit Heinrich's production capabilities.

His 'Rebuttal' remix is a more percussive heavy affair, though thankfully the original's epic vocal is left virtually intact. The bells are prevalent once again, though the looping bass line is slightly yanked up. In quality terms, there's little to distinguish the two, though the more laid back approach of the original just edges it for me.

Digital only offering 'River's Fate' completes the 'Couples Therapy' EP with aplomb. An example of the Balkan influenced tracks popularised some years back by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, it's rolling, skipping groove is sprinkled with shrewdly placed accordion sounds and an addictive bass line which properly kicks in at the 3/4 mark. The 'Couples Therapy' EP is experimental in the best sense of the word. Frivilous by name....and Frivolous by nature. One to keep an eye on.

Artist: Frivolous
Title: Couples Therapy EP

Label: Cadenza Records

C:\ My Consciousness
C:\ My Consciousness - Reboot ‘rebuttal’ remix
River's Fate Digital Bonus track

Our Rating: 8/10


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