Cortney Tidwell - Palace EP on Aus Music

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 11/1/10 10:46

Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, there's something about Cortney Tidwell's unique folk-style rock that doesn't let it go unnoticed. In the past, its been remixed by DJs including Ewan Pearson who's worked with Depeche Mode and The Chemical Brothers, before reworking Tidwell's Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up earlier this year. Now, it's Will Saul, Tam Cooper and Michel Cleis's turn to partner up with her on her forthcoming Palace EP, available on Aus Music from 25th January.

If you're looking for something a little bit different, head straight to Tidwell's Palace. It's a wondrous place that's filled with echoing vocals that sound part PJ Harvey and part Bjork. As the title tune opens, delicate strings, guitars and drums progress it from a drifting feel into a rocky build of crescendos. Whilst maybe a totally unexpected song on a tech release, it's a spookily pleasant and welcome sound.

Will Saul and Tam Cooper take the lead with the first remix, Leave The Light On. With an instantly groovier beat, Tidwell's distinctive vocals compliment a more danceable bass guitar, drum focused sound and her mystical ‘ooohs' hook you in.

On the flip side, Michel Cleis continues to develop the dance vibe that Saul and Cooper began, taking things darker with Too Late. It starts of with a strong pulsating beat and soft entrancing bell arrangement before a sample of Tidwell's haunting vocals is introduced. The track then quickly builds to incorporate a percussive bassline with loops of the lyrics from Palace. It's a super cool tune that would sound great in the very early hours, whether in the club or back at home.

On first listen, the Palace EP didn't naturally strike a chord with me until hearing the Michel Cleis mix. If you're looking for something with a unique twist, give Tidwell's elegant offering a try, not only is the original a dreamy track, but the rhythmic remixes are sure to get you moving your feet.

Artist: Cortney Tidwell
Title: Palace EP

Label: Aus Music

Palace - Original
Palace - Will Saul & Tam Cooper 'Leave The Light On' Remix
Palace - Michel Cleis is 'Too Late' Remix

Our Rating: 7/10
Cortney Tidwell


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