Shlomi Aber - Create Balance on R&S Records

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 14/1/10 10:31

Israeli Shlomi Aber has forged himself an impressive reputation by delving into jazz, funk and minimal and acid house to influence his hits from Freakside to Tel Aviv Garden. With over twelve years experience in studio production, he's worked with everyone from Ovum to Cocoon Recordings and spent time nurturing his own Be As One imprint.

Now its UK based R&S Records turn to present Aber's first release of the year, the twin titled Create Balance/The Drunk'd Programmer out on the 25th January.

On the ‘Black Side' of the release, Create Balance kicks things off with a fully-fledged piece of techno magic. With its repetitive sound and strong bass, the track steadily builds to give a deep midnight feel. A mechanical sounding noise lies softly dominant in the background until, just for a moment, it steps up right before the track bursts into a beat that's hell bent on getting your body moving.

Over on the ‘Silver Side', The Drunk'd Programmer keeps the mechanical feel as it pushes its way through a warm, once again repetitive arrangement that's layered with plenty of jazzy percussion. The track airs a hypnotic melody with what sounds like warning alerts and gets you nodding along with a cool cymbal loop throughout.

No stranger to a hit record, Aber excels once again with Create Balance as the stronger of the two on this release. Its deep, mind-bending sound is loaded with the jazz and Detroit techno that has fuelled many of his biggest tracks so expect it to be huge. However, if it's something a little more twisted and grittier you're looking for, then you'll be far from disappointed with The Drunk'd Programmer.

Artist: Shlomi Aber
Title: Create Balance

Label: R&S Records

Create Balance
Drunk'd Programmer

Our Rating: 6/10
Shlomi Aber


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