The Tech Selection Section # TTSS001

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 2/2/10 11:43

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS001Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah! Move over Inspector Gadget - and go-go-ga Lady GGGadget. She's just a bit more bat-shit crazy and has joined our crew to give you a brief, bird's eye view of technology, toys and gadgets.

So if this sounds like your bag, then why not let her bend your ear and turn an eye with I Voice's new monthly The Tech Selection Section (TTSS).

Ooo, kit me one more time, baby. February is here. Finally, the dust has settled. The hooves of hype from the stampede of new stuff that was unleashed at Winter NAMM 2010 (the trade show which took place last month over in California, US of A) have done their worst; whipped it all up and laid it all out, for you, captain consumer. This means that there's a tonne of new toys for us all to play with...

So let the games begin...


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The Bridge
First up out of this bag o' tricks is the hot news of Ableton and Serato's amalgamation, The Bridge, which certainly looks like an interesting collaboration between these two giants of the software scene. This is basically a communication link that further blurs the boundaries between DJing and production and between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live/ITCH.

Traffic on The Bridge flows both ways, from Ableton to Serato and versa vice. This allows turntable-style control over the audio elements and means live re-mixing perfection is close at hand. Whether you think that's game-changing news for the future of the art form or not, The Bridge awaits to take y'all there, and it will be available later this year, for free, if you already own Ableton Live 8 and Serato Scratch Live.|

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Numark V7
Also announced last month and unveiled during NAMM was Numark's new V7 turntable controller. This too was developed with the evidently virile Serato team and, while drawing upon genes from Numark's NS7 and NSFX, it's hyped as an ITCH controller that DJs can use standalone-stylee. Whatever, a soundcard that supports one or two decks is a strong draw, and the fact that it uses groovy 7-inch moving vinyl will be interesting to all old school analogue lovers.

Meanwhile, its virtual Strip Search (digital needle drop) feature is probably more welcomed by DJs than any airport security system, plus its MIDI capabilities mean other compatible software can also be utilised. Kids, hook up one or two of these retro-future-looking puppies to a mixer and Mac or PC and you're good to go-go.

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RAW Control
Err... No, it's not a UFO, just EKS' new Otus, that's RAW, possibly the planet's most spaceship-lookie-like DJ controller. Fresh from the ‘out there' Finnish company, Otus RAW can work as a single or dual deck controller for the likes of Traktor, among other stuff.

Apparently available from this spring, at long last, and entering the competitive controller arena at a price point that's yet to be disclosed, this new stripped down Otus differs from its predecessor, with dual SL-style turntable pitch sliders, alongside its big ol' velocity pads, buttons and a versatile layer switch. It's early days, and time will tell exactly what kinda mark this will leave on DJ tech history, but, yup, it sure looks different...

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Scratchmaster Flash
In slightly older news, as rumours spread that Technics was gonna die (yet again), and others cried ‘long live Technics', some peeps were boggling eyes at the latest Scratchophone video, by DJ Qbert.

Definitely putting the spectacle back into DJing, not only is this beast big with the hip-hop and bongo massive, but we also reckon it would look pretty slick with Desolat's super-fly, limited edition, time-coded Traktor Scratch control vinyl (a Phonica store exclusive, no less). Stylish. |

Anyway, all this scratching really is making me itch, so that's all for now, folks, until next month... Xau4now.


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