Luciano um "vagabundo, sin futuru", SA tour final, incl pixs.

Words by: Cila Warncke
Posted: 24/2/10 13:15

Luciano South America 2101 Diaries - From 05-02 till 20-02Luciano kicks off his South American tour on 5th February at Asia Beach in Peru - and it is set to be an incredible homecoming. It's been almost a decade since Luciano left South America. Though born in Switzerland, he'd spent his formative years in Chile, soaking up its rhythms, getting into teenage mischief, eventually discovering electronic music and by the age of 21, he had the whole country dancing to his beat. Luciano's dizzying rise from DJing in Chilean clubs where disgruntled rock fans put their cigarettes out on his vinyl, to playing for tens of thousands at the Love Parade, would have satisfied most musicians - but not him. He was determined not to rest on his success, so he left South America to return to Europe, a complete unknown.

"You have proved you have the strength to fight," Luciano says simply. And he did, studying music, working, playing his heart out. Whispers grew to shouts of acclaim as fans around Europe fell hard for the double seduction of his sensuous, Latin-tinged techno and his boundless charisma. There are DJs who say they do it all for their fans, but when Luciano plays he really means it.

From sweaty afternoon sessions at Circo Loco in Ibiza to euphoric all-nighters at Fabric, London, via Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Frankfurt he stamped his mark across the continent. Then, in summer 2009, the owners of Ushuaia beach bar in Ibiza invited him down for a one-off session. A music-hungry crowd swarmed, the island hummed with excitement and a series of weekly events started that defined an otherwise unremarkable season.

Now, the world's biggest clubs beg for his attention, and Luciano has the hip electronic scene wrapped around his little finger. But it wouldn't be like him to rest on his laurels. So he is returning to where it all started. "But I love South America," he says, "it's my home, I just can't resist it."

Luciano will be sending exclusive daily updates to I Voice and you can read his tour diary here, every day, from now through the end of the tour. Don't miss it!

Tour dates:
05.02.10 Asia Beach, Peru
06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil
10.02.10 La Ruta Del Sol - Premiere @ Rio Music Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
11.02.10 D-Edge, Sao Paolo, Brasil
12.02.10 Crobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
14.02.10 Rmc Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
16.02.10 Warung, Camboriu, Brasil
20.02.10 Beach Party, Viña del Mar, Chile

  05.02.10 Asia Beach, Peru05.02.10 Asia Beach, Peru
The transatlantic hop from Europe to Peru changes everything: Atlantic to Pacific, Northern hemisphere to Southern, winter to summer, clubs to beaches. Luciano arrived in the capital, Lima, 3 February, where a gang of friends gathered to watch La Ruta del Sol in an intimate theatre - relaxing at tables while waiters flit between tables to the strains of soaring electronica. This tranquil atmosphere couldn't last though: the drive to Asia Beach - some 100km away - is a white-knuckle ride. "Driving here is a nightmare," Luciano's manager reports ruefully, but somehow everyone survives and makes it to the party in one piece. And it's worth the trip.

Luciano takes the stage in front of a wild crowd, with the booming Pacific surf as a backdrop. The party goes on... and on... and on. Finally, at 8AM, it's time for another hair-raising dash to the airport. "It's too bad we had to leave," is the report. "There are no time restrictions in Peru. The party here can go on forever." However, Brazil is calling, and the Cadenza crew are anxious for the next episode of their Latin adventure.

06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil
Things get lost on the road. Like food and sleep. Both have gone AWOL as the Cadenza crew hops south from Peru to Brazil. Everyone is running on adrenaline as they rush from the seaside rave at Asia Beach to megalopolis Sao Paulo. One of the world's biggest cities, it is dizzying at the best of times. With nerves fine tuned by hours of wakefulness it hits like a wave. Luckily Luciano's long-time DJ buddy Diego Dumont is on hand as a welcoming party, and steers everyone to the best churrascaria (steakhouse) in town. When you have been running on empty for two days there's nothing like a great meal washed down with a few Brazilian beers to soften the edges.

Despite Sao Paulo's vast size electronic music still struggles to find a foothold. There is a small but vibrant scene - Jay Haze, always something of a bellwether, has recently moved to town and drops by for the after-party - but when Luciano walks in the club his work is cut out. The resident is bombarding the dancefloor with 130bpm monotony and Luciano has to throw on the brakes, take a sharp turn, and start from the beginning. Luckily, he has plenty of experience with tough clubs, and this is a definite challenge. The after-hours, in a tiny apartment kitted out with a full sound-system, proves to be the most exciting stop of the night.

Still no sleep, and it's time to catch the plane to Rio for the Brazilian premier of La Ruta del Sol. And - more importantly - a chance to relax and catch some sun. Rio rocks!
06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil10.02.10 La Ruta Del Sol - Premiere @ Rio Music Conference, Rio, Brasil
Europe's freezing shores are long forgotten - team Cadenza has arrived in Rio! The second annual Rio Music Conference is in full flow and everyone is keyed up for the premiere of Ruta del Sol. Unfortunately, Rio being Rio things get a little haywire and Luciano and friends arrive quite literally on the run - and forty-five minutes late. "It wasn't the best first impression," manager Sam Guetta reports wryly "Everyone was giving us looks". Luckily Ruta del Sol warmed up the atmosphere. It's behind-the-scenes of Luciano's crazy schedule drew lots of laughs. Though, as any DJ can tell you, waking up in a different city every day and never quite knowing where you are is no joke. Once the audience thawed out the questions came flying during the Q&A. Afterwards, it was a well-deserved escape to a buzzing 24-hour restaurant in Copacabana.

Then, one of the more unusual house-party destinations of the trip so far - the crew headed for a home in a tropical park in the heart of the city for a few hours of dancing surrounded by monkeys and tropical birds. And that's not a euphemism! Tomorrow, it's back on the road to uber-metropolis Sao Paolo for a much anticipated party at D-Edge.

06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil11.02.10 D-Edge, Sao Paolo, Brasil
Everyone is thrilled to be heading back to Sao Paulo - Rio is exotic and beautiful but the high temple of underground electronic music is D-Edge. This is the club where DJs like Richie Hawtin and Ricardo will turn up and play just for fun. Luciano is understandably excited to be heading there for a very special night. This being a Cadenza tour, the pace seems to pick up by the hour, with Marc Antona flying in from Lisbon to storm D-Edge.

Tonight there are no surprises, no disappointments - just pure, adrenaline-fuelled fun. D-Edge is jammed with party people and Luciano plays one of his most inspired sets so far. It is as if the whole whirl of planes, airports, clubs, parties, and people has funnelled into this show - creating a flow of energy that everyone in the room can feel. There is no way to stop the party, so Luciano invites friends back to his suite for a carry-on. Nobody can face the two hour drive to the airport, afterwards, so a helicopter gets booked and the party piles in. Unfortunately things cool down on the hop to Buenos Aires. The jet's air conditioning has malfunctioned and everyone huddles up in minus-three temperatures for the three hour flight. By now, hotel beds never looked so good.

12.02.10 Crobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina12.02.10 Crobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A few much-needed hours of sleep is enough to get everyone raring to go, and Luciano and company head to Mute for a warm-up. There is a sizeable Ibiza contingent here, and it's good to be among friends. You just know the party is going to get twisted!

Luciano is playing at Crobar, which is surely one of South America's best clubs. Ernesto Ferreyra plays a scorching warm-up set and gets the place hot for another spectacular set from Luciano. And once again - no-one wants to stop the party so they pull together another small after-hours. Next stop in this super-circular tour is back at Rio Music Conference for a gig with good friend Loco Dice. There is rumour about a shooting so there are a few nerves. The crew sets off on the return trip to Brazil crossing fingers they'll meet a friendly crowd.

06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil14.02.10 Rmc Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
South America has been nothing but welcoming so the trip back into Rio has some ugly overtones. Word is someone got shot at Erick Morillo's RMC party and the cops didn't even shut it down. There is definite tension in the air. The roads in from the airport are a mess and everyone is exhausted, nerves on edge. Out of nowhere a man attacks the car Luciano is in, making a grab for the door. Luckily the driver has sharp reflexes - he hits the gas and the team makes its escape. Nobody feels very optimistic walking into the party.

At moments like these meeting a friend like Loco Dice changes everything. Arriving, the Cadenza crew sense a change in the atmosphere. Whatever is going on outside, while Dice is on the decks the party is jumping. People start to relax and Luciano is visibly cheered - happy to be where he feels most at home - in the DJ booth. He and the crowd feed on each other's energy, pulling in more bodies as the room gets crazier and crazier. By the end of the gig the promoter has to fight to get Luciano off the decks - the partiers don't want to let him go. Finally the crew slips out of the arena and off to Dama de Ferro to continue the party. Despite the rocky beginning, and a touch of understandable paranoia, the night has turned into one of the best gigs of the tour. Next up - Warung, the world's hottest beach club: "We just keeping it rock ‘n' roll!"

06.02.10 Anzu, Cuaiaba, Brasil16.02.10 Warung, Camboriu, Brasil
After the roller-coaster ride at the Rio Music Conference Team Cadenza is more than ready to hit the beach at Warung. Located in what feels like raw jungle in the beachside in Camboriu, it is the perfect antidote to the metropolitan craziness of Sao Paulo and Rio. Everyone chills out on the beach and soaks up the sun along with a quantity of caipirinhas. The stunning setting creates the perfect mood - everyone is eager to hit the club.

According to beach etiquette, however, Luciano and company arrive at the fashionable hour of 3AM to what is essentially a beach-front cabana, surrounded by jungle trees. Giant butterflies and weird insects are batting the air, which only adds to the exotic ambiance. The reputation of Brazilian women is well-deserved - the club is packed with gorgeous girls and practically has to hide from the hordes of fans. He is, needless to say, in his element - sand, sea and sex appeal a-go-go.

Tonight is doubly special because Cadenza crosses paths with friends including Phonique and Vicenzo, who have been touring for several months. This, plus the usual mass of Brazilian party people, ensures the DJ booth is jumping. "I have no idea how Luciano can even mix in there!" someone marvels. There are many amazing moments but when the sun rises over the club it is truly magical. Energised by the wild vibe and the amazing setting Luciano throws everything at the decks, pushing a fierce, underground sound that keeps the dancefloor churning till nearly 2PM. Words can't do justice to the euphoria, the energy, the elation of a moment like this. Luciano - one-hundred-percent in his element, playing the music he loves to a crowd that loves him back - is simply the king. It's a night to remember.

Now, there's just one party left - a homecoming to Chile to play in Vina del Mar...
Chile20.02.10 Beach Party, Viña del Mar, Chile
Luciano touches down in Santiago for the most emotional moment of the whole tour - the chance to celebrate his birthday in Chile, with his friends, in the city where it all began. A thirty-strong crowd of his closest companions crowds into a restaurant and makes a heroic effort to drink the bar dry of pisco sours, the local speciality which is lethal in small doses and does frankly insane things to your brain after half a litre or so. The party carries on to a salsa club where Luci has a rare chance to lose himself in the music on the other side of the decks. Nevertheless, with a gig to attend to, the team musters some semblance of order and staggers off to bed at not-too-crazy an hour.

Part two of the birthday party gets under way at Vina Del Mar which - in the words of the tour manager "is just fucking brilliant". A water-park, complete with slides and hippies lazing by the pools, it has a charming 70s vibe, mixed with a keen edge of hedonism. The DJ booth is in the middle of a pool, and when Luciano takes over after Monika Kruse the party lifts into high gear. Luciano plays as only he can - with a passion for reaching the people, his people, and an infectious energy. He is playing as the sun goes down, creating a magical moment that no-one there will ever forget. Caught up in the spiralling energy of the party, Luciano blows past the legal closing time of 10PM. Cops are gathering outside and the anxious promoters are practically begging him to step off the decks, but that's never stopped Luci before - and it doesn't now. Finally, at midnight, he salutes the crowd, which starts chanting "viva Luciano! Viva Chile!"

After two crazy weeks of touring it is a moment to treasure. The sheer joy on people's faces makes all the madness, the lost hours of sleep, and the stress worthwhile. This is what Luciano lives for - and why his fans live for him. It is the end of the trip, but the adventure is just beginning.

Thanks to Ricardo, Marcelo, Renato, Luciano, Pali, Garota, Aninha, Marc Antona, Emiliana, Jean Louis, Cila,  Miguel Dumont, Christian, Phrank, Nagib and crew, Samuel, Jessica, Native instruments, Vicenzo &  you all South American party people... |


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