Youandewan - Sub-Rosa E.P on Magicbag

Words by: Smac
Posted: 17/2/10 10:21

Leeds has a habit of spawning hot young producers and Youandewan's Ewan Smith is the latest talent to join them. His Anjou EP first introduced us to his super deep and soothing sound, and now Sub-Rosa treats us to more of the same this time courtesy of Wax:On's sidekick brand Magicbag Music.

Both 'Dsico' and 'Gloaming' adhere to a 'Music For Dreams' style of divine languorous house which probably won't be to everyone's taste but should at least be appreciated for the skill involved in such contrived simplicity. Stunningly sublime tunes like this are surprisingly few and far between, possibly because they're not half as easy to create as might sound. Some might (and do!) call it elevator music for the house generation, but truly subtle pieces without a single jarring moment, at their best can be plain beautiful as proved here.

'Movin' as the name suggests, does just that, introducing some techy and upbeat elements into the mix, which actually isn't half as interesting or engaging as the earlier tracks.

Luckily the package is topped off with a superb remix of dOP which proves that not everything about this Leeds lad is laid-back.

Obviously dOP are shit hot right now, and you'd have to go a pretty long way to improve a track of theirs. However the Youandewan dub arguably does, bringing his warmth and depth into what was already a lively record. The inclusion of 'Lighthouse' might be what attracts the most attention to this release, but hopefully Smith will also keep on exploring the deep for those of us still looking for music to dream to.

Artist: Youandewan
Title: Sub-Rosa

Label: Magicbag

dOP - Lighthouse - Youandewan Dub
Youandewan - Dsico
Youandewan - Movin'
Youandewan - Gloaming

Our rating: 5,5/10


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