Yousef - Firecracker on Saved Records

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 11/2/10 10

With 15 years in the business Liverpool's Yousef has followed a methodically perfect path, designing an electronic music career along the way that most aspiring DJs and producers of his generation can only dream of. So, let's start ticking the boxes off the checklist shall we; Start out your career by winning Musik magazine bedroom bedlam competition in 1999 become resident of a ‘superclub' - Cream Liverpool with the clubs closure in 2002 open a new club ‘Circus' with a partner who is also behind another core night in Liverpool nightlife ‘Chibuku Shake Shake', remind yourself you are still in a scene that is competing against new cutting edge underground nights in the city such as ‘Mumu', so, start a new night at one of the newest clubs in London ‘Matter' as confirmation you've evolved from ‘superclubs' not small clubs. Release over 50 singles and remixes on established and reputable labels such as Azuli, Cocoon and Renaissance (check) and finally in 2009 release your ‘debut' album ‘scars and situations'.

This is the first release that Yousef has undertaken for Maidstone native Nic Fanciulli's SAVED label. With 45 releases to date 2009 saw the label sticking to releasing weighty tracks from producers such as Mark Broom, Fanciulli, Par Grindvik, Rolando and Matt Tolfrey. Maybe one the charms about SAVED is that it actually reflects as one of the most underground labels of present due to Fanciulli's reluctance to go ‘overground' and sticking to sourcing what is cutting edge and best presenting the labels personality through this.

The 1st track on the 2 track EP ‘Firecracker' features a looping flute sound that is hypnotic, somewhat intense and minimal compared to the other 2 tracks on the EP but becomes monotonous after a while. Don't get me wrong I can imagine myself circumnavigating the floor dancing to this track but having worked with real ‘flutes' (honestly, no pun intended there) I'm only too well aware its a difficult instrument to utilise if its overworked due to its tone and pitch. The real beauty in this track however is the ‘firecracker' breakdown which pretty much sounds 100% like real fireworks going off and hats off to Yousef for duplicating this real world sound perfectly into an electronic track.

With label boss Nic Fanciulli on remix duties the 2nd track is more chugging in sound with large bass rolls that spit back and forth against clonking wooden sounds, its brimming with warmth and bass-lines that are just a lot more chunkier then its predecessor. It almost has an undercurrent of 2 step London garage at times but then bursts into up-ped BPM driving tech filtered house. ‘I Suggest' stands out on the EP with its deep under-lying grinding groove, back-dropped by tribal and techno rhythms that pulsate boundlessly. Be prepared to move your hips. This track is perfectly crafted for both listening and floor purposes and the EP as a whole is entertaining and definitely a floor filler but not as impressive as other SAVED releases from 2009 such as ‘Materia', ‘Green Tea' and ‘Raincheck'.

Artist: Yousef
Title: Firecracker

Label: Saved Records

Firecracker Original Mix
Firecracker Nic Fanciulli Remix
I Suggest

Our Rating: 6/10


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