Jem Haynes & Jamie Funk - Gobi's Paradise EP on vitalik recordings

Words by: Smac
Posted: 8/2/10 14:24

Ryan O'Gorman's Vitalik imprint hits the ground running at the start of 2010 with release number 3 coming fresh from the studio of house mate, playmate and all round good mate Jem Haynes. Another summer warming the multiple floors of super club Space hasn't done him any harm in putting together a pretty strong EP with a sneaky wink towards the fast approaching summer.

Skip quickly over the title track, which although interesting, is surprisingly disappointing. Jem and Jamie's original version doesn't really extend itself in any direction quite far enough, some mildly intriguing sounds and melodic snippets almost drown in the mediocrity of an outdated and overused bass rhythm - it takes the magic touch of fellow Brit ex-pat Inxec to really deliver the anthemesque big room feel suitable for a crowded terrace.

Right from the off, Inxec's echoing fog horn bass chords deliver the aural equivalent of being bashed over the head with a mallet whilst simultaneously wrapped in a 15 tog duvet. Dark, deep and deliciously warm this intro deserves to be heard on the biggest fattest system around, that's if you can resist the urge to climb inside an actual speaker. Accompanied by the much more a la mode busy beat, the pace on this remix will see it suiting a wider range of jocks than might have been expected, and the final 2 minutes are probably as close to a genuine nu-house break as we'll get this side of Miami.

Kingdom Come takes things up a notch with a cheeky flirty beat and more of those wacky studio blips that you'd expect from 2 such studio heads as Jamie and Precision Cuts Jem. Distinctive enough to stand out from the barrage of funky-tech flooding the scene right now the track bubbles along on an infectious groove that should sway even the stiffest hips. Rogue Spirit follows a similar route but dives much deeper with atmospheric waves breaking over a simple chord sequence and almost tribal vocal stabs.  In no small way thanks to the Inxec remix, this EP is definitely worth a listen, and bodes well for the fledging label, which is off safely on path towards name's we shall be looking out for this year..

Artist: Jem Haynes & Jamie Funk
Title: Gobi's Paradise EP

Label: vitalik recordings

Gobi's Paradise
Gobi's Paradise Inxec remix
Rogue Spirits
Kingdom Come
Dj Tools
Rogue Spirits vitalbit
Kingdom Come vitalbit

Our Rating: 6,5/10
Jem Haynes & Jamie Funk


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