Down the Production Hole with Todd Bodine

Words by: Lisa Loco
Posted: 17/2/10 13:07

Down the Production Hole with Todd Bodine Next to wax lyrical in our Down the Production Hole series is a man with a something of a Midas touch when it comes to house and techno. As a DJ, he started out with a residency at Tresor Club, and has since also adopted a formidable live format, which debuted in 2007 at Panorama Bar. A prolific producer, he's been making tracks for near on a decade, releasing material across such labels as Morris Audio Citysport Edition, Tresor, Immigrant, mothership, and, of course, Highgrade. His third artist album, Forms, came out on Highgrade just last year and, naturally, he had a major hand in the label's recent Mikado compilation. He's a huge proponent of hardware, good speakers - and talent. And has got his fair share of all of these things. So find out more now, as we ask Berliner Dierk Draeger, aka Todd Bodine, DJ/producer, label manager and A&R at Highgrade Records: what the f**k do you know?

First, can you tell us something about your frames of reference/what you think makes for a high quality electronic sound recording?
It's really difficult to say. But I think if something sounds good it sounds good on every sound system. This means go into the next Media Markt and buy the best-selling PC speakers. And if your production sounds good on them then it will sound good to many people. I think it does not matter which platform you use, or if you have the latest UAD mastering plug-ins. The thing is you need good ears. Then you can also do a good track on PC speakers. Anyway. It's good to have good quality monitors at the studio and a good soundcard as well.

What's your current music production set-up like?
I use a lot of hardware but my control centre is a Mac Pro with Cubase SX4 and Ableton 7. For the mix down I have a 32-channel console from Soundtracs. I often use stuff from the NI Komplete collection, like Reaktor, Battery, Elektrik Piano, Absynth, Massive, and synths from Arturia, like the Jupiter-8 and Minimoog. Outboard I have the [Access] Virus, Waldorf Pulse, Oberheim Matrix-1000, Roland Juno-60, Nord Modular, MFB-Synth II, Oberheim DMX, TR-727, TR-626, Korg DW-6000, Vermona DRM1 MKII and, from Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak. My monitors are from Dynaudio.

What is/are your most essential tool/s of the trade within that set-up?
For sure the Virus, the Pulse, and the Jupiter-8[V]. You can do whatever you want with these machines. I love them. For example I use the Pulse for basslines. You can produce each bass, as you want. And this machine is fucking phaaaaat. The same goes for the Virus. So, I need some machines like this for the basics. Then you can take some sounds from here and some sounds from there.

Can you reveal a secret about your production technique/s?
Sorry, there is no secret, because if you have some tools to produce music it's up to you/your talent to create a good sound. Sometime it's only one small idea and then I build a whole track around it. So I start with a short loop (idea) like everyone. Then I try this and that, and at the end I'll do the arrangement and mixing. Sometimes (maybe it's a secret) I use a sequencer and put it on random. Sometimes you get some crazy effects through this.

Do you have a general top tip for budding producers?
Buy hardware and good monitors. At the moment hardware is quite cheap. And, in the end, it sounds much better, I think. When I started producing music I did it together with the guys from Cabinet Records. They had a nice studio and everything you need. I think it's a good way to go, into a finished studio. There you can learn all you need. Then, after a while, I bought my own equipment... Step by step.

Finally, what's your take on the future of electronic music production?
I think the future will be that you will work only with a computer. You will then have some tools that control the sound of your recording. You won't have to do a mix at the end. I think that will happen soon. Then you'll only need a laptop and headphones. But maybe we will also have a revival of hardware. Who knows?

Todd Bodine
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