Elle P and Iftah - Sick Liar on Souvenir

Words by: Smac
Posted: 23/2/10 11:19

Elle P. (L.P. gettit?) and Iftah are one of those experimental avant-garde duo's that drift around the dance music scene in Berlin making us all wish we lived there, with their way-out live act and arty video's already attracting the likes of Ali and Basti from Tiefschwarz without even a single vinyl release yet. Souvenir have snapped up their talents for this, their first real EP along with some select remixers to add a more rhythmic beat to the proceedings. It's almost a shame in hindsight...as the individual beauty of Elle P.'s vocals are never more striking or memorable as in their original form as demonstrated here.

'Sick Liar', albeit a virtual carbon copy of Prince in his deepest NPG phase, is the duo at their most surreal. Utterly bonkers and yet oddly soothing with it's deep and offbeat funk groove, a coarse harmonic wailing is left to dominate the track, lying wantonly on a bed of 80's synths. Pure pop in one of it's better moments, inciting fierce curiosity into whatever else could possibly come out of this strange and wonderful box of tricks.

Conversely the usually brilliant dOP sound oddly intimidated here, drowning the essence of Elle in a formulaic remix of a genre we've heard far too much of already this year. Apart from a very attractive last 30 seconds, there's little of note here and lots of disappointment throughout.

'The Pink Painter' brings in a ballad and again, really makes me want to hear a full album from these two, this is Goldfrapp meets Florence with a touch of the Bjork and deserves a far wider audience. Their own personal - self - remix drops in some more interesting musical elements and samples, even though ultimately drops the track right over the edge of the bizarre cliff and into the hole marked weird. Thankfully, the full treatment is executed properly courtesy of Ruede Hagelstein, who neatly nips the distinctive voice and gives some space to the rest of the tune to breathe.  Unique, original, potentially hard to digest and definitely difficult to categorise, Elle P and Iftah might not slot nicely into a record box, but if you're looking for something that can push boundaries as well as the right buttons...then you're listening to it now.

Artist: Elle P and Iftah
Title: Sick Liar

Label: Souvenir

Sick Liar (DOP remix)
Sick Liar (Original)
The Pink Panther (Ruede Hagelstein remix)
The Pink Panther (Original)
The Pink Panther (Self remix)


Our Rating: 7/10
Elle P and Iftah


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