Peter Horrevorts - Bloody Hands EP on Gem Records

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 2/3/10 10:15

Dutch techno producer Peter Horrevort's makes his debut for country compatriot Secret Cinema's Gem label. If past releases on labels such as Kanzleramt are anything to go by Horrevorts seems to be in the habit of making big room ‘bombs'. The belting bass on the 1st track of the ‘Bloody Hands' EP makes its easy to see why his releases have attracted play from harder edge DJ's such as Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Christian Smith and Adam Beyer and have been picked up for inclusion on compilations such as ‘I Love Techno'. Working under a number of monikers such as Corredora, Force Supreme, Oliver Shine and Paco Lesotto since he was 18 also means at only 26 years of age Horrevorts has had a heavy stream of releases and remixes on labels such as Underground Resistance, Ministry of Sound and Global Underground.

Horrevort's once said the reason why he made techno music was because it ‘made him feel like dancing' and this release reflects just that. From an opening metronome style pace it descends into an aggressively jerking and full on bassline that chugs through a formulaic techno pattern rising and dipping at certain points, whilst, one simple blipping loop marches its way across the track. ‘Bloody Hands' is definitely not quite as deep or layered as previous tracks released such as ‘Birth' and ‘Evolver', but, its pure groove and dirty fist in the air driving techno is big room territory that will evoke a response from the dance floor. The 2nd edit by Nymph does not sparkle as resolutely as Horrevorts and Marzeneit's takes. More simplistic and pared back, one synched loop works its way through the track with little else then a bed of hi-hats consisting of that awful tsk, tsk, tsk sound then a piercing melodic synth comes in against a siren sound. It doesn't go anywhere unfortunately and remains dull throughout.

Catalan producer Marc Marzenit's edit stands out as the strongest on the track, its low-tempo intro draws the listener inwards whilst bells and atmospheric splay's spin a haze. With no less then 3 tracks selected for the 11th Bedrock anniversary release by John Digweed this young Spanish producer along with Henry Saiz is one of the brightest hopes to have emerged in recent years to the international stage from the Spanish electronic circuit. Marzeneit's edit strips the bass off the original and places synth infused, trippy, hypnotic light as air harmonies that shimmer against a grooving toned down bass backdrop. Melody seems to be sound of the moment and producers such as Ripperton, Pole Folder, Phil Kieran and Joris Voorn have utilised it to full effect in their debut albums and remixes of recent so you can expect this guy to be all over Ibiza and other places this Summer. The philosophy behind Gem is supposedly ‘to only sign music that will become timeless, regardless of which genre the music may be categorized as now'. I'm not 100% sure this gargantuan at times track fits this but it's certainly a track that will pulse and beat across the dance floor.

Artist: Peter Horrevorts
Title: Bloody Hands EP

Label: Gem Records

Bloody Hands
Bloody Hands (Marc Marzenit Monster Remix)

Our Rating: 6,5/10

Peter Horrevorts


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