Ten-algia's still got it... Danny's Closing Set @ The Shelborne.

Words by: Smac
Posted: 13/4/10 12:31

Danny's Closing Set of WMC @ The Shelborne.2010 was a mixed old bag of a Miami. Baring absolutely no resemblance to a conference anymore, the massive party week has been claimed as a major destination for clubbers Stateside leaving "The Europeans" painfully standing out amongst the sea of blinging, plastic, sculpted and tanned flesh from the right side of the pond. An air of mutual snobbery invaded the week and carved up the choices on offer. Party's thus were divided all weekend - daytime pool parties for the Jersey Shore mobs and VIPs, downtown after-hours for the pasty faced and underdressed Euro crews.

Sunday at the Shelborne was where the two met at last.

Tenaglia's closing set of conference, for anyone old enough to remember when there was one, was always a highlight. And for all the hype of the 30plus artist parties, it's good to see that there are still some DJs that can cram full and carry a party solo.

The first wave of a crowd arrived less than fresh off the back of Saturday night, ready to rave, and warm up Michelangelo did a pretty impressive job despite the gimpy helicopter hat and gurning mates hogging the booth with him. The Team Tenaglia Olympiad trannies were also on hand for a spot of crowd teasing...

But really everyone was there for Danny, whether it be the enthusiastic Italians balancing gynormous shades on their sweaty faces, the tanned and tops-off brigade with their accompanying hookers in the VIP, or the more reserved Brit crew sheltering in the cubby behind the DJ booth - there wasn't a space left in the place for a body who didn't want to party. And you know what? That's the ingredient that made this event. It might not be too cool for skool, he might not be the most reserved and underground jock around, but when it comes to building a beautifully long set, that travels at a perfect pace to keep the whole crowd on board, before whipping them into an absolute frenzy, then Tenaglia is still a master at that job. With still 2 hours to go the Shelborne was absolute mayhem, manoeuvring around the place was no longer an option and the only viable action was to wave an arm on the air and scream along with the rest of the masses.

And if the 20 minute mega-edit of Lady Gaga that closed the set sounds like your worst nightmare...don't knock it till you've been there. Recordings and podcasts are never really going to do this DJ Justice, may he reign for another ten years.

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