Lucien-N-Luciano - Cuidad de Luz on Cadenza Records

Words by: Smac
Posted: 26/4/10 10:35

God damn him! There'd be nothing more fashionable to do right now than slate Luciano.

The Chilean maverick is at a critical point in his career, courting controversy with his signing to strict establishment stronghold Pacha Ibiza, and balancing neatly on the cusp of mainstream with his proliferation of Cadenza label dates and bookings. Quite fitting then the most reticent of producers should choose this exact moment to drop a new EP. And equally fitting that it should be so damn good as to shut up even the most diehard of dissidents. The little used but highly acclaimed Lucien-n-Luciano moniker was arguably one of the catalysts to the steady yet steep rise in regard, which brought the moustached maestro to where he is now.  Six years later then, time to dig out the weaponry and remind us what it was that made him so special in the first place.

'Somewhere We Got' is the perfect building set piece that created the Luciano myth on DC10 terrace. It does virtually nothing, and goes absolutely nowhere, but in such a way as to conjure up goosebumps with every note. Wonky, twisted, melodic and delightfully light, even if he hadn't made it himself, it'd most certainly be something that he'd be playing in the middle of every set.

"House Tool's House" despite the grammatically nonsensical title, is a strong sustained track, which introduces a fierce female vocal above a intricate percussive line. Typically absent of any big breakdowns, the melody rolls along a smooth plateau of a climax from beginning to end.

'Behind My Soul' ironically sounds more like a genuine house tool. Hard to imagine this slotting into many DJ sets, except as a atmosphere builder in short bursts, the tympanis and organ solo in the second half are nonetheless delightfully haunting and arranged to stunning effect.

After all that "Melodrama" is slightly underwhelming, even though the overall creation is epic and completely melodramatic, the style is curiously dated, though not enough to be retro. Perhaps more of a listening piece than the other tracks on the EP.
Overall though, if there was ever a way to prove his well deserved status, then this should do the job. It's certainly set to be an interesting summer.

Artist: Lucien-N-Luciano
Title: Cuidad de Luz

Label: Cadenza Records

Somewhere We Got
House Toolʼs House
Behind My Soul

Our Rating: 8,5/10


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