Blowing a Fuse at Ushuaia

Words by: Smac
Posted: 8/6/10 14:36

Blowing a Fuse at UshuaiaIf you've see the videos or been to Delano on Tuesdays last year, or even if you've even spent a Sunday at 93 Feet East in the last 2 years, then you'd have known what to expect at Ushuaia the day after DC10 opening last week. Certainly the few hundred-odd FUSE faithful who'd followed tINI and resident/founder Enzo Siragusa straight from a packed out Sunday in Brick Lane to Ibiza on the Monday morning flight were prepared for what was about to happen.

Fuse is into it's 3rd summer in London, running every Sunday from 3pm till late with a guest list only policy and a seriously underground musical vibe. Big names are noticeably absent from general line ups, whilst the collection of FUSE residents is a tight close-knit group of DJ and producer buddies with loyal supporters keen to see them play alone. Their achievement last year in bringing their inimitable vibe to Ibiza came via Nima Gorji, one of their rare guest residents, who believed if anyone could carry off a Balearic season, then they could. What followed were some massive events at Delano in Playa D'en Bossa which whilst huge in their own right, barely touched the local Ibiza crowd, and when the venue was lost this winter it was only natural that the next step was to move the party down the beach to a higher profile neighbour Ushuaia.

The brand new Funktion One system, and the installation of a Cadenza residency weekly, are almost peripheral features when looking at the beach bar as a whole - frankly it's just the killer place to hold a daytime event.

Last Tuesday though, I'm not sure they knew what hit them. The staff themselves were still picking up the pieces of their own opening, and planning a quiet(ish) afternoon. No such luck. After a slowish start Seb Zito gently eased people out of their post-Circo Loco comas, by the time the sun began to lose it's scorch the beach was getting ready to explode again. Promoted as a genuinely free party, and with much looser restrictions than the guestlist policy enforced at Ushuaia on the weekends, Fuse friends poured in off the beach and as the word spread via frantic phonecalls and sms's the rave was on.
Enzo Siragusa and island resident Nima Gorji got well into their groove back-to-back for 4 hours until it was obvious from all the hands in the air that on this occasion this crowd still had plenty of party left in them despite the enormity of the days preceeding.

Cue the venue calling for extra sound, lighting technicians climbing over scaffolding to rig last minute effects and back-up fire dancers being dragged in on what was supposed to be their night off. Gradually familiar island faces began to appear as the sun went down, and by the time tINI swaggered up the beach with DC buddies in tow, the dance-floor was a mosh pit of friends, family and FUSE fans.

To say tINI blew everyone away would have been an absolute understatement. Apparently the London gig 2 days before had had the same effect, but this girl is on fire right now. The energy behind the decks was out of this world, and she really could have taken the crowd anywhere she wanted to this night. A true DJ's DJ, she had the likes of S.I.S and Reboot neck-craning into the booth and Ushuaia's cocktail staff dancing on top on their respective bars by the end of the set.

The lucky few got invited back to Es Vive where Fuse residents Luke Miskelly and Alex Arnout managed to rinse the last drops of fiesta out of another successful party along with the girls and guys from Kubicle.

Next FUSE  at Ushuaia
Tuesday 29th June ,
Tuesday 27th July ,Tuesday 31st August , Tuesday 28th September ....Don't miss it.

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