Down the Production Hole with Bloody Mary

Words by: Lisa Loco
Posted: 15/7/10 10:52

Down the Production Hole with Bloody Mary She draws her creative inspiration from artists like the French poet Charles Baudelaire, the Irish writer Oscar Wilde, and in her own work paints a visceral picture of dark/light beauty and decadence in all its forms. She shares her name with a spicy hangover cure, moved from France to Berlin in 2005, and earlier this year launched her very own label, called Dame-Music. Say 'bonjour' to Marjorie Migliaccio, better known in clubland as DJ/producer Bloody Mary.

Marjorie has DJed at such clubs as Fabric, Watergate and Rex, and has produced for several years, working regularly together with Sierra Sam, and releasing music across labels like Sender, Toys for Boys and Einmaleins. She released her debut artist album, Black Pearl, on Contexterrior, in 2009, which included remixes of the title track by her buddies Sascha Funke and Jay Haze.

And in May she launched Dame-Music with a bash in Berlin, featuring Argenis Brito and Arado. Her debut on Dame-Music, released in June, is a new Bloody Mary compilation mix, entitled Decadence. This has naturally set the mood for her current global DJ tour of the same name, which continues until September, taking in everywhere from Ibiza to Los Angeles to London. So why not continue to track Bloody Mary now as she takes another deep trip, this time Down the Production Hole...

First, can you tell us something about your frames of reference/what you think makes for a high quality electronic sound recording?
Nowadays, the production level is really high. New technology gets more affordable and lots of people have access to it, so everybody is making music. I don't really have a particular criterion about the music I want to put out. But I prefer to work on melancholy music, more deeply, like I did with my first album, Black Pearl. High quality is, for me, the creativity you put into your track, that's it!

What's your current music production set-up like?
The basis is a computer, and we use some hardware stuff. Sierra Sam is (a geek) really into hardware, so he gets me to play with drum machines and synths ... I really like it. The monitoring system is essential and we are using Bullfrogs.

What is/are your most essential tool/s of the trade within that set-up?
I would say the monitors and the acoustics of the room. The ears are essential as well. It doesn't matter what technology is used; what matters is what you can hear, it is extremely important.

Can you reveal a secret about your production technique/s?
I can't really pick a specific technique. We like to experiment, to try new things, and to play around with the gear.

It also depends on what kind of track we want to produce, whether it is a club track or more 'musical' stuff. For the album, we used a lot of synths, played keys... The mix between the kick and the bass frequencies is essential. We use compression, side chaining, EQ (we love the UAD-2 plug-ins). And we always use a sine wave generator for the low frequencies (I guess everybody does).

Do you have a general top tip for budding producers?
Keep on working, work very hard, and don't send your music to labels until you are totally certain about the quality.

Play it, get your DJ friends to play it, ask around about true opinions, and accept criticism. It is a learning process and too many young people are too impatient. Don't burn your name by sending unfinished music to everybody. And, when you send a demo, pick the right label regarding your style. Don't do mass e-mails!

Finally, what's your take on the future of electronic music production?
The future is bright. Technology defines the trends, through new machines on the market and new software. This will lead to a whole new universe of sounds. When Ableton Live arrived a lot of new styles were developed. It was the same with the electric guitar, the first Moog and Buchla synths... New tools help to build new music. It's called evolution.

Bloody Mary
Out Now:
Various Artists – Decadence Ep – Dame-Music 001
Bloody Mary – Decadence ( mix ) – Dame –Music cd001

Next Gigs:
15 july – Playa del Carmen.MX
16 july – Monterrey.MX
17 july – Mexico City.MX
22 july – Weekend club, Berlin.DE
24 july – Open Air, Avignon.FR
30 july – Baalsaal, Hambourg.DE
31 july – Stockholm.SE
21 aug – Space, Miami.US
28 aug – Blackmarket, New York.US
05 sept – Animal Club, Los Angeles.US
08 sept – Watergate, Berlin.DE
11 sept – Treibhaus, Glöwen.DE
18 sept – London.UK
01 oct – Berghain cantine, Berlin.DE


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