The Tech Selection Section # TTSS007

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 3/8/10 16:40

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS007 Now that July is dusted, and we're already knuckling down into August, it's time for TTSS007, Mr Bond. So what's new? Well, apart from more oil spills and Wikileaks around the world, the Silly Season is about to get even busier and sillier here on the island...

In other news, canvassing commences for the Top 100 DJs, as flocks of fame monsters come out to abuse your inbox. Such is the Cult of Self... But nevermind, just keep your eyes on the prize, kids, as there are tougher nuts in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, Dubfire's got his hands on a new mystery controller, as you can see in this teaser video, recorded recently at Space. So, yeah, look out for more details this month, say the Native Instruments boys from Berlin.
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Anyway, let's crack on with our own selection, as we introduce a few tit-bits from Kam (Digi Mini), Allen & Heath (iLive Tweak), Livid (blockMe) and Computer DJ (OOVJ)...

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Kam on Kam on
Kam lays on cheap ‘n' cheerful entry-level gear and its new Digi Mini, an audio and video software controller, is no different. This diminutive dual deck controller comes loaded with Virtual DJ LE software for Mac/PC and can be used to mix ‘n' scratch up both audio and video files from your computer. It is also compatible with Traktor and other MIDI software.

Video can either be mixed together with the audio or separately, and there are several video transitions and audio effects with which to play. On-board audio effects include, among others, echo, beat grid and flanger. There are also three programmable hot cues for each channel, 12 sample banks and two scratch effect jog wheels. Meanwhile, on the video side, look out for basics like zoom, cube, strobe and looping effects.
Allen & Heath's iLive app
Like ‘em or not, ‘smart' or not, there's now an app for every ill - even if some of these freebies could, allegedly, be collecting your personal data, etc... Whatever. Mixer maestro Allen & Heath has launched its very first iPhone app, iLive Tweak. And it's gratis via the Apple store. Check it out...

iLive allows real-time mobile control of iLive mixing software. It runs with the iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS and 4, plus the iPad, enabling sound engineers to remotely browse and select channels and to make other adjustments. Pretty neat, huh?

So keep on tweaking those remote controls, cos, according to A&H MD, Glenn Rogers, this is merely the beginning. The company now plans to launch several more apps for other elements of iLive. Download iLive software v1.7 and hook up with A&H's iLive Tweak via the link.
Livid's metal gear solid
Born in the USA. Texas, to be precise. Livid Instruments' blockMe is a sweet-looking machine that screams style. This new MIDI control surface, a Metal Edition, no less, but not quite Blue Steel, is a fresh update on previous blocks, and is crafted from smooth aloominium, with neat mahogany finishing on the side.

The chip-off-the-old block houses MIDI in/out and USB for integration with your existing gear. There are 64 programmable buttons for talkback/interactive performance. And just look at those absolutely Livid blue LEDs... mmm...

blockME is compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn, and there are templates featuring, among others, Ableton Live, Traktor, Propellerhead's Reason, Records, and ArKaos' VJ. Handcrafted-to-the-max. What a beauty.

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OO are ya?
Or, more like, what are ya? Hey Mr VJ, put the record on... Now since we're on TTSS007 we thought it best to assign a slot to the OOVJ, a successor to the OODJ.

Aimed firmly at the mobile DJ/VJ market, the tank-like OOVJ from Computer DJ has a hOOj (2Tb!) hard drive, complete with the mother of all motherboards, an Intel dual core 2 GHz processor, M-Audio Delta sound card, 17" touch screen, built-in CD/DVD player, 3 USB 2.0 sockets, firewire, a host of video outputs, and wi-fi networking to boot - all in a suitcase-like box. Damn, it even has a shock resistant hard drive and water-resistant keys.

You can run loads of different types of DJ/VJ software on here. But, hell's bells, it's not cheap. For more information, check out the mainstream/cheesy ‘OO are ya?' testimonial video... OOH NOOO!

Well, that's about it for episode 007, peeps... enjoy the ride through August and we'll see you on the other side, in September!


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