DJ Mag Top 100 Poll being investigated

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 23/8/10 17:22

DJ Mag Top 100 Poll being investigatedLast week DJ Mag announced that they were investigating a number of DJs and their associated teams for attempting to garner more votes in their Top 100 poll through cheating. In recent years the magazine has been aware of a rise in the number of attempts to cheat the poll and have therefore tightened their guidelines and computer systems more than ever. With over 300,000 votes already cast this term, the magazine was then alerted to a YouTube video that explained how DJs would be able to cheat using a well known job website. This video prompted a thorough investigation in which the magazine discovered that a number of DJs and their representatives were allegedly paying outside companies in India and elsewhere to illegally vote for them in the poll.

As a result of these investigations, several DJs have been confronted by DJ Mag but so far, all have denied it. There is now also the suggestion that the Indian coder companies may have something to do with smaller DJs trying to tarnish the reputations of the bigger artists. As the investigations continue, DJ Mag have taken the decision to set up an amnesty to discuss the illegal voting practices. Anyone with information can email at , including any guilty DJs themselves who might be able to offer information about how the situation came about. Of course these votes will be excluded but their real votes will remain within the poll.

On a lighter side to the problem, Steve Lawler's digital only imprint, VIVa Music has created a hilarious video in an attempt to make people aware of the voting irregularities and in turn get more genuine music fans to get up and vote properly. The video depicts a fictitious and unknown but always DJ Mag-charted artist, Face Bender, chaining an elderly woman to his computer to rack up his votes and push him further up the poll. You can check out the video here

DJ Mag Top 100 Scandal - VIVa News Exclusive Reportage on DJ Facebender

This video and the immediate reaction to the news from genuine music fans will hopefully kick start people to vote with integrity in this poll once again. Over recent years, this famous poll has lost some credibility which has then put off many people in having any interest in it at all. After all, it was meant to be a representation of the world's clubbers' favourite DJs and a silver-lining to this embargo could be that it will end up being exactly that once again. |


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