Robert Babicz - The Feeling EP on Babiczstyle

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 14/9/10 19:17

Robert Babicz's mastering skills such as application of wet and dry signal and compression have been the talk of the industry for the last number of years and have brought producers to his studio such as Sweden's Minilogue, Germany's Gabriel Ananda and artists such as Belgium's Pole Folder seeking remixes. But, it was releases on Kompakt in 2005 and an album 'Cheerful Temper' released on Systematic in 2007 with its glossed depth and crystalline production process which brought renewed focus to his music. Tracks such as the uplifting acid infused 'Neo-Replicator' and The Fever Mix of 'Dark Flower' off this year's 'Immortal Changes' which Sasha played during his Yacht Party at WMC make you realise these are tracks that had everything right, perfectly balanced in sound, instrumentation and feeling. 'Dark Flower' with its heavy droning bass guitar and melody driven sound is just one of those tracks that came along and blew everything else out of proportion this year. Imagine the depth of 1950's Hollywood Technicolor in a version of sound. This is what Babicz does when he designs a sound so it becomes a visual masterpiece that dances and paints its way across the mind in its colour and depth. You even see how popular this guy is when you visit his soundcloud page and it's easy to realise why the community want to see a little more behind the creator identity.

Which is why I'm a little bit disappointed with this 'Feeling EP' which is overall very funk fuelled and a different vibe to previous releases. The production process is still pristine and sounds super clean, but, gone are the dark mind spiralling depths of the fever mix of 'Dark Flower' and the cascading big bass prog sounds on tracks such as 'Remote Kiss.' In place is a mish-mash of 90's sounding warm house more imaginably being played on a terrace as the sun is setting in Ibiza rather than at 4am in Space's main room. 'Don't Give Up' consists of tinny hi-hat sounds, loops that don't really go anywhere and piano and string infused funky breakdowns that are a tad pop like and 'The Feeling' is more warm house of just loops for over 8 mins with clonking wooden sounds that give it an almost 2 step feel. 'Warm Rain' is almost cheesy sound as Johnny Dangerous vocals usher us to 'get on his star-ship' making me feel Andre 2000 and the Neptunes are preaching at me.

All in all its a very 90's sound, which kind of makes me think things were good back then but, when you listen to a producer like Alex Niggeman's current take on deep house you realise things are better in 2010. I feel like saying less method, less retrospect and open the ears to what is current Rob.

Artist: Robert Babicz
Title: The Feeling EP
Label: Babiczstyle

The Feeling
Warm Rain
Don't Give Up
Warm Rain Vocal edit

Our Rating: 5/10
Robert Babicz


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