The Tech Selection Section # TTSS008

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 1/9/10 11:51

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS008Hey, why not dodge the floods, heat waves and other hazards and settle down into our new TTSS008, which this month brings you some more ga-ga-gadgetry.

Techno-lo-geeTM that may or may not be raising the bar, taking it to the next level, revolutionising your re-evolution, amping your arsenal, or just plain fiddling with your future.

Last month some new beats ‘n' pieces were revealed at DJ Times' DJ Expo, in the mix in Atlantic City, USA, while the true nature of NI's controller was revealed to the dribbling masses via Space Ibiza.

Of course, looking ahead we have another geek fest that is BPM in the UK next month but in the meantime here's our latest 4/4 take on the scene...



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Pioneer's silver jubilee?
For those unable to afford Pioneer's uber-expensive new pro CDJs, the CDJ-850, unleashed this month, could be your answer...

This upgrade to the CDJ-800MK2 is aimed more at semi-pro or bedroom DJs who want to savour a taste of the snazzy new CDJ-2000/900 players but might not have that kinda major league budget. As a result, the 850s offer up several features derived from the top-of-the-range models, including USB and rekordbox software compatibility, a rotary dial selector and wave display.

The CDJ-850 is around half the price of a CDJ-2000, so if you're interested you really should take a look at the official video and get scanning those silver specs!

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Kontrol Inkorporated
Never mind a brand new kombine ‘arvester, here's the latest from the Traktor people. Say hello to Native Instruments' new integrated disc jockey system... Kontrol S4.

Here you have dinky jog wheels with scratching-a-go-go, live looping, cue point juggling and a sample bank, etc. So why not check out the promo video or see what the nimble fingered Shiftee gets up to with this gear, here. He looks like he's typing out a mad kinda musical memo to the masses and Dubfire's already used the unit in Space, so what do you reckon?

And, talking about having fun and unifying forms, if you liked Shiftee's turn, you might enjoy this: a must for any Tetris or Berlin fans out there. A Ga-Ga-Gadget remix to set yo' eyes-a-poppin' and shapes a-lockin'!

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American Audio feels speed
Don't be put off by the name. Unlike American Apparel, American Audio is still going strong with its economy drops, and one of its most recent is the VMS4 (Velocity MIDI) digital workstation.

This four-channel controller has a cute built-in ‘mouse pad' and comes with Virtual DJ 6 software but is also compatible with much MIDI-learn stuff. We especially like the Velocity-sensitive jog wheels for their resemblance to retro Technics turntables. Oh, and these ‘skins' could sex it up nicely.

Take a closer look at the VMS4's features with Johnny Aftershock in the clip, below; we're just hoping it sounds better than the audio in this video...
I got the Key
Talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of portable recorders! Revealing a quirky kind of PR Overload Syndrome (PROS), iKey-Audio declares boldly that: "All handheld recorders are not created equal!"

Well, we're not sure what US founding father Thomas Jefferson would say about iKey's WAV and MP3 recording up to 24-bit/ 96kHz, on-board X/Y mics, SD/HC card slot, and colour LCD screen. Regardless, the company goes on to use even more of The Declaration of Independence statement when it talks of "the new iKEY HDR7 portable recorder, declaring its independence with certain unalienable differences..."

Who knows, maybe it was this that attracted a key iKey artist, namely Erick Morillo, who says about the iKey M3: "The iKey provides me with great ease..."

Anyway, cheerio for now and just remember, kids, as ever, none of this gear is anything without your talent!


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