Public Lover - Musique D' Hiver Pour L' Été on Thesongsays

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 8/9/10 9:48

For those in the know, Bruno Pronsato has been making quality house music for the likes of Perlon for years, but for those who grant themselves access to an even more underground and erudite electronic world, he's also known as one half of Public Lover with his more pop music affiliated beau, Ninca Leece. Together they make real music as against rigid dancefloor tools; compositions of sound which gently unravel like hazy daydreams and which pass by just as blissfully.

The accompanying notes with this release state it was written in January with a view to making "music for the summer" (the EP's French title translates as "Winter Music for the Summer") so it seems odd that the release has been held back until now, when the air has turned thin and the skies a sombre shade of grey.  However, listen through the five tracks a few times and it makes more sense- this is multi-seasonal music.  As much as each record here would sound great in blazing sun on a humid day, each is also likely to sound as good when you're locked away inside, huddling by a roaring fire with the rich colours of autumn and festive tones of winter all around you.

Characterised by liquid, languid and tightly interwoven rhythms, there's as much hypnotism as there is romanticism in these records.  Opener "We Are" is a deep, pensive record which, on the surface, bobbles along fairly un-eventfully.  But listen closely and the blurry chords, distant clicks, ticks and dynamic shifts hidden within are both deftly intricate and beautifully loose at the same time.  From there, the oh-so-gentle chords and occasional, sultry vocal interjections of Leece on "I try" blend seemingly freeform, jazzy structures with feathery keys, soft focus rhythms and an overriding sense of forlorn melancholy.

Un Ciel Rouge is a complex yet subdued house track which surreptitiously undulates and has you nodding along before you know it whilst, right from its first piano ripples, 'Chanson,' has you thinking of loved ones and looking for a cuddle: emotive stuff, whoever you are. So as not to leave you on an inward/downward tip, Anthony Collins is enlisted to remix 'We Are' before the EP draws to a close.  Stripping back the original, Collins ups the beat repeat meter to make for more blistering, bubbling textures than are heard on its confrere.  The dishevelled aesthetic of the Public Lover sound is maintained, though, as things build then collapse, explode then implode many times throughout the seven and a half minute life of this track.

Think of this EP like a warm and fuzzy post coital hug with your long term partner rather than a sweaty, impulsive and disposable one night stand: it's enduring, alluring stuff which, in the mould of Maayan Nidam or Efdemin, doesn't gratify you instantly, but pleases you greatly in the long-term.

Artist: Public Lover
Title: Musique D' Hiver Pour L' Été
Label: Thesongsays

We are - Original Mix
I try
Un Ciel Rouge
We are - Anthony Collins Heartbreaker Remix

Our Rating: 8,5/10
Public Lover


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