Street Style: Ted Polhemus' sartorial bible gets re-vamped.

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 22/9/10 12:18

Street Style: Ted Polhemus' sartorial bible gets re-vamped and re-releasedLook around next time you're walking down the high street - style innovators are everywhere. Writer, Photographer and Anthropologist Ted Polhemus has spent a great deal of his life doing exactly this - observing the catwalk that careers down every kerb-side, and recording his findings through the iconic photography and editorial that featured in his much-coveted 1994 tome, Street Style. Now, in partnership with the cultural research archive PYMCA, Polhemus delivers the next installment in his street style documentation on the 21st of September. The book that film star and certified fashionista Chloë Sevigny describes as her personal "sartorial bible" will be re-released, complete with never-seen before fashion tribes, additional inspiring chapters and in tandem with a full scale exhibition that celebrates the exhibitionists that have not only made Polhemus' Street Style possible, but so incredibly popular.

Of course, each of the fashion tribes that starred in the initial issue of Street Style still hold pride of place in the second edition. From iconic enemies Mods and Rockers to smiley face Ravers, Polhemus recalls the clothing and culture of the cliques from the past with vivid recollection.

The re-issue sees the addition of five new chapters where Polhemus identifies the new breeds on the street including ‘Eastern Style' mavens, ‘Disco' divas, ‘Modern Primitives' and ‘Tribal' troops - all whom have originated from the kerb-side fashion highway over the last 16 years. In reference to the exhibition that supports the new book, Polhemus explains; "You will see some famous faces and lots of extraordinary, cutting-edge characters whose names are known only by their mates. These are the greatest heroes of all, the unknown soldiers of this revolution: the ordinary, the unordinary and ultimately, extraordinary people who often against the odds, succeeded in making themselves into works of art. Just for the hell of it. Just because they could."

Street Style will fittingly be re-launched at The Book Club, a small ultra-cool bar in the heart of London's trendiest district - the East End. The evening of 30th September has been earmarked for the exhibition's private view (the exhibition itself runs until the 31st October) and Polhemus will sign copies of his latest style bible, which once again, proves that fashion would not be fashion, if it weren't for the trend-setters on the corner of every street.

PYMCA presents:
Streetstyle by Ted Polhemus
Exhibition & Book Launch
30th September - 31st October 2010 at The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4RH

Private View: 30th September 6pm - Midnight.
Ted will be signing copies between 7 - 8pm

The Streetstyle exhibition and book launch will feature images from the book as well as showcasing a series of talks and discussions with Ted and guests about the past, present and future of Street Style and subcultural fashion.


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