Cream Ibiza Closing Party - Amnesia 30-09-10

Words by: Polly Lavin
Posted: 8/10/10 10:49

Cream Ibiza Closing Party -  Amnesia 30-09-10It's a slick machine now. The Amnesia marketing machine that is. Futuristic, modern and vamped into the 21st century with electronic technology like every other modern club worth their salt. Unfortunately, the Ibizan character of old has also been branded into oblivion and my first taste of the deluge of marketing is transportation by an 'Amnesia' emblazoned red double decker bus for Prydz's and Van Dyk's gig tonight. Inside the doors a host of marketing paraphernalia linking the club to Mixmag "the world's biggest clubbing magazine" and the clothing emporium of "Gio Goi" exists as a flashing LED "Cream" logo hanging from the roof reminds me who is in charge of the controls tonight. Graphics scroll across a display beneath a DJ booth, which is more Star Trek looking then a DJ booth, whilst gigantic LED screens behind pulse at the speed of light through images of spotty, cherub faced tween's dancing and cover-mounts of styled and preened DJs such as Annie Mac and Crookers in animal costumes as the word 'Mixmag' spits up intermittently between the images. 'Oh No', I think to myself 'My eyes have just been raped; they're after using the technology to shove their marketing into my eye sockets arrgggggghhh'. It's a little too commercial and Kafka-esque for my liking, loudly shouting "capitalism", image and hype. I convince myself the contrived images of kids stylishly smiling over-profusely are probably more imagination then reality as I look about the dance floor and see a gang huddle around one another rubbing their fingers into their gums which once they have confirmed I am not a copper they tell me is 'MDMA.' Somehow, I cannot imagine that being in the visual roll-call behind the DJ booth, can you?   

Amnesia's reputation as a pit of sweaty ecstasy plied clubbers in the 90's may have changed since Sasha, Oakenfold and those of yore stopped playing the main room, but, Paul Van Dyk seems to be the ego rub for the middle aged, barrel stomached champagne swigging clubbers who line the VIP section pretending an icon of the their youth is still relevant whilst they watch scantily clad women cavort beneath their noses in provocative underwear which is less classy then the Pacha style and more trashy. Think cheap PVC stilettos, lacy garter belts and tiny lacy bras. Don't get me wrong dancing in your bra is a good thing (apparently I missed Cassy doing the very same thing at Villalobos for this tonight) but this is less about dancing in your bra's in a shared unity and more about looking like a hooker.

Cream Ibiza Closing @ Amnesia - 30th September The sound-system in this room is super, super clean and Giuseppe Ottavianni plays high intensity BPM fuelled, driving trance with lyrics that usher the glow-stick waving trance kids with their luminous tube socks, neon net skirts and faces dotted with glow in the dark yellow, orange and green paint to 'lose control, lose control' as he pounds into a Roland M-Audio keyboard. There's plenty to visually entertain in the club as a transvestite with a large Elvis style wig, sequinned skin tight body suit and platforms that precariously teeter 10 inches off the ground walks about reminding us it's really all just a bit of fun and for anyone that is fed up of having camera's or mobile phones being shoved in their face whilst dancing in a club. I can't help but notice a sign on the wall states 'no camera's'.

In the main room t-shirts are off on some of the crowd as "Style of Eye" drops Duck Sauce 'Barbara Streisand' and Boys Noize 'Yeah' keeps the sound all big room acid and electro. After all the hype surrounding the Pryda warehouse party in London and the attention tracks such as Pjannoo received I was a bit disappointed with Eric Prydz's set. I suppose with all the 'breaking' through producers make through their tunes nowadays, I naively expect Prydz's as a DJ to reflect the sound of his productions. Not so, as he favoured a techier, chunkier sound with tracks such as Loco Dice's Definition being played but overall his set was mono-tone and barely moved style all night. Why is it when DJs get into a big room with a big sound system they think they have to roll out killer big room over limited tracks one after another rather than building a vibe with the sound? Kids break-beating at the back of the club and singing the theme tune to SHM 'One' track whilst Prydz played, make me wonder was it just me or was that also a sign of dis-interest his DJ set?

Music is central to every club. After a week in Ibiza it's been hit and miss for me Cadenza rocked on Sunday with Michel Cleis's set really catching my ear, SHM was less about the music and more about the show, Kehakuma @ Space was spot on with Glimpse, Booka Shade, Guy Gerber and Seth Troxler B2B and Cream just reminded me where it all went wrong for dance music. Mass capitalism in a box.


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