Space Ibiza Closing - What Went Wrong?

Words by: Marx
Posted: 8/10/10 15:32

Space Ibiza Closing - Sunday 03th October It's not often a party in Ibiza is so bad that there is just absolutely nothing you can do to hide the reality. Unfortunately for Space, their 'End of the Weekend Invasion' closing parties were just that.

In days of yore, Space Closing was the event that signaled the end of the summer, all the workers came together and partied, often for the first time in the whole season. It was very much a communal thing headlined by the biggest names in the dance world. How times have changed. You wouldn't' t believe you could walk up to the door of Space on a closing party, at any time in the afternoon, and there would be no, I mean physically, no queue!

The bizarre decision to split Sunday's Opening and Closing parties into two-day events really hit hard last weekend, as instead of one big fiesta day, the end result was ultimately two fairly mediocre ones. This is the crux of the problem. 10,000 people on one day in one party or 4,000 one day, 6,000 the next. Even with guesswork and perhaps even some generous figures there too, the logic is baffling, especially considering that the club's running cost, including all associated staff costs are effectively doubled due to the 2 day event.

But there are other issues too, most notably the strength of the line-up, especially Sunday's. We all know Space has taken a dive for the underground this year with a saturated roster of  house and techno, but the limitations of that market have to be understood. The likes of Tiefschwarz and Paul Kalkbrenner (was he actually the headline act?!) have grown from generally playing medium sized clubs at most; they're not arena fillers, they're not going to sell 2000 tickets on their own.

In contrast, 2 years ago the Closing had Guetta, Groove Armada, Deadmau5, Sasha & Digweed, Danny just can't get 15,000 to attend a party with underground headliners.

That is unless, of course, you get the underground headliners who really pull the crowd. Such as? Errr.....what about Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Marco Carola or Luciano, all of whom happened to be playing elsewhere at exactly the same time the Space party was going on. And in the case of the first three, it was for free at Ushuaia. 2+2= how many?? You work it out.

Whilst we're on the subject of the music, there were times when across nearly all 7 rooms of Sunday's party, the programming was identical. Dennis Ferrer to Yousef to Steve Lawler to whoever the idiot was on the Premier Étage that thought deep house was the way to go! I've never seen the Sunset Terrace so quiet and the Car Park was easy to work your way through. It is also totally unforgiveable that Space can plan such a party and have such horrific sound quality in the Parking. From half way back, the sound was barely audible, it was muffled bass and not much more....... such a disappointing use of one of the best zones on the island for partying.  Put some speakers in and turn it up for heaven's sake!

I'm fairly sure that lots of people had a good time at Space Closing, there was too much going on for at least some people not to find something that was their bag. I imagine there are lots of photos and youtube videos that would go a long way to disprove the tone of this review. But at party like this, having a good time shouldn't be so arbitrary; you should have no choice but to be thrilled and for it to be a truly memorable experience.

Sadly on this day, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Sort it out Space!


Mr. G
Steve Bug