Amnesia Ibiza Closing Review: Techno Paradise

Words by: Marx
Posted: 12/10/10 11:26

Amnesia Closing Review: Techno ParadiseAmnesia Closing has always been one of the 'island' parties, years ago reserved for a predominantly Spanish and local crowd who had all lost their marbles during the summer and really didn't want to go home.

It was usually free; you just turned up at some point over the 3 days it used to go on for and spook yourself at the weird and wonderful things you would see. Remember that it was only towards the end of the 90s that the Terrace even got a roof and opening hour restrictions hadn't even been dreamt of.

More recent times have seen members of the Cocoon family headlining the party; Richie Hawtin the most frequent, but Sven did it in 2008 before Luciano joined a notorious b2b session between Hawtin and Marco Carola in 2009. 2010 went one step further, with both Carola and Hawtin back again, but with the addition of Cocoon's pin-up boy, Loco Dice.

The strangest thing about this party is that it all begins so differently than it ends. I mean, shortly after midnight, I could barely move for six packs and plastic chests and 30 something slightly greying men who were just loving exposing their hairy chest. Matinée, the Saturday night party is not quite like Berghain in terms of blatant homosexuality, but there is no mistaking the tone here.

Of course, gay parties in Ibiza are a recipe for a good time but generally Matinée wasn't enough of a music party to capture the attention. It's a party alright, just not my cup of tea at all and definitely the type of thing you're more likely to take your virgin cousin along to for an Ibiza experience. Give them their due, the show and party has a lot of effort put into it and you can hardly blame them for feeding the demand of the 5000 or so that attend each week.

It all changes when the sun begins to stream through the skylights on the Terrace and of course the music takes a change for the better too. Mar-T kicked off proceedings at dawn rocking out a chunky set of tech and house to, well, warm things up, but not in the traditional 'DJ set' sense of the word. Next up was Loco Dice, possibly the biggest draw of the party, such is his reputation across the island now. Beginning his set with a forthcoming Desolat track by Giuseppe Cennamo, half the terrace attempted a DC10 style sit-down, which wasn't given a chance to take hold because of the destructive bass that really signaled that the party had started.

By now the club was a sight to behold, the silly string came out, there were balloons and ridiculous hats and oh yeah, it was ever slightly crowded. The truth is that it was unbearable at times, made worse by the fact that your fellow raver would quite often give nothing short of a fat fuck about your toes/limbs/ability to breathe, just so they could get to their mates and then elbow you in the temple of your head for several hours.

The fact that many will have left around this time (10/11am) will be of little concern to Amnesia, as they just kept on letting more people in, but if you had the stamina to stick it out, there was for sure less pressure after the midday mark. By this time Marco Carola was thumping out a filthy mix of house and techno, including a couple of tracks from a forthcoming artist album at the end of the year. Some of the baselines were total sleaze and the Terrace practically had people swinging from the VIP area. This was one time and one place that the party was everywhere.

Around the time most people would usually be having a paella or Sunday roast, Richie Hawtin stepped up to his 4 deck Traktor set up and multiple Fx machines and tear the arse out of it. His set was littered with Plastikman tracks, old and new, with plenty of almost pop-like electronica, bits and pieces of minimal and abundant trippy, proggy moments. When all is said and done, the main thing you took away from the party I feel is that this was a techno lover's paradise, with some of the crescendoes leading to, what practically felt like, explosions in the bright arena and none more so than the apt finale of Spastik.


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